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Rabbits Spread Binky joy!


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Jan 1, 2012
Last year we had a spur of the moment Binky Day and lots of us shared our binky photos - this year, we want to do another one, but plan it better and hopefully be able to make a bigger thing of it so that we can all share binky joy on our walls and make rabbit binkying mainstream! What better way to show that a hutch is not enough? So, this year Binky Day will be Friday 1st June. We'll make a poster and do a press release, so we need lots of photos of binkies before hand. Please feel free to share them on our Facebook wall, but also please e-mail any good binky photos to [email protected] so that we can use them.

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund | Facebook

For anybody here not familiar with Binkies, they're a rabbit's happy dance where they jump into the air and kick out hind legs, twist around, throw their heads about. There are some great examples online, for instance The Playful Binky Bunny - YouTube Just search YouTube using 'bunny binky' for some fine examples.
Excellent vid! Love those binky's! I really need to get a video camera....
I got a fairly decent one (arrived yesterday) from one of the TV auction channels. It's HD, with 4x digital zoom and cost me £29.99 + p&p. Software, cables etc included. It takes ordinary AA batteries so I'm not having to worry about recharging.

I don't expect miracles. Haven't yet looked at the software so I don't know yet what's included there, may not be much, and I don't expect it'll be possible to slow down sequences or anything that sophisticated, but for a basic video camera, I don't think the price is too bad. Definitely worth having a shop around.
One more year then I can have rabbits again. I can't wait!
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