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Spray Paint

Slap Maxwell

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Mar 1, 2005
I put this in the kitchen because I knew it may not be appriciated in Cavy Chat.

I have a friend (sort of) that lives in a very trashy home, with a very trashy yard. He has never taken good care of his animals and at this time, I believe he has a goat, dog, and some cats.

I recently remembered he mentioned he had a guinea pig a while ago, so I asked him about it. He said "Oh yeah, that thing died a while ago." "How?" I asked. "Oh, my brother wanted to spray paint the cage, so he sprayed it green, with the guinea pig still in it, the guinea pig made these wierd noises and didn't eat and died."

Needless to say I was horrified.
Wy does anybody like that hav eanimals? Those animals need to be taken from him before they decide to do anything else that stupid. I don't know how you restrained yourself, I might have hit the guy.
The guy has always been an a**hole. He is my ex, and you can't do anything around him without getting made fun of.
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That kind of behavior needs to be reported to animal control or the humane society. There are laws, pitiful though they may be, that make abusive treatment and flagrant disregard for the well-being of an animal illegal.
If somebody finds me an EMAIL for the Connecticut Humaine Society, I will send them one.
I found it.

I emailed them and asked them who I could report it too. I am also concerned for the animals there now.
THAT's HORRIBLE! People like that need to be slapped kicked and hit upside the head! lol... Good you reported it though...
Who would be dumb to spray paint a cage let only with a guinea pig in it ...like duhhhhh.
The cage should not have been painted whether the pig was in it or not. Even the regular spray paints can be toxic I believe if the pigs licks or bites on the bars. There are paints on the market that are non-toxic to pets. I think I would have really went off on this guy and he would be living in pain when I finished. There is no excuse whatsoever to do that to an animal of any kind. I would call animal control on him.

Edit: I just realized your trying to contact the Humane Society. I really hope that you will be able to get something done and those animals out of his care.
That is SO horrible... That's great that you contacted (or trying to contact) the Humane Society. Hopefully, no more animals (of ANY kind) have to suffer in his house (and everywhere else) like that poor piggy did.
I reported it to the Humaine Society. I couldn't contact my town's Animal Control Officer. They will take it from there.
My family and i go to an actual farm for our christmas trees. One year, about 3 or 4 years ago, when i was about 10, when we went to get our christmas tree, we were walking on a path, by some of the small houses on the farm that some of the family members that own the farm live in, and there was a dog house and a large dog chained to it. There was also a sign above the house saying FREE, not to mention it was raining Very heavily. I asked one of the workers there if the sign was just a joke, and i was told it wasn't, and the owner of the dog was really trying to get rid of it.
I was so depressed by that, that i wrote a letter to the farm and the so called "owner" of the dog, who, wrote back to me later. He said it was wrong for him to treat the dog that way, and he gave it to an animal shelter, and he had recieved info that the dog had been adopted by a family with two little girls.

It is so hard to see things like that. It amazes me whenever i hear of stories of abuse. I just cannot fathom it. Literally, how can people be so ignorant!!!!!!!

any way, that is all that we can do in situations like those . . . stick up for what we believe in and most of all, what we KNOW is RIGHT!
When I was younger there used to be this very cool animal park, like a zoo but a bit more hands on. I loved the place and for the most part it seemed like a very good place for the animals except for one thing, they kept guinea pigs on a raised table like thing with saide so that small kids could play with the pigs but so that the pigs couldn't jump out. I still vividly remember going there for a party once and my friend handling a guinea pig so roughly that she broke its leg. I was horrified but I didn't know what to do and she just put it down and walked away, like she didnt care.
Apparantly the place was closed down several years later because it was not supplying fresh water to any of its animals and did not clean housing.

People who treat animals as such deserve to have the animals taken away. even in a shelter they will be safer. but we must also remember that without education these people will never learn what they have done is wrong. I think you are doing an amazingly good thing informing the proper authorities and I wish you the best of luck!
Most states have laws governing animal cruelty. They are very strict but they dont receive very harsh judgments. Usually they have to pay a hefty fine and they can't own any animals for a 2 year period. If they are caught owning an animal in that time period they are in violation. Sometimes then they can receive jail time but that is unusual.
I have 1 dog that is treated just like she were human. Everyone tells me she is too spoiled and that she is just a dog, but that is not the way I see her. We have 1 acre fenced in that she has complete run, the fence is not very tall she is just very happy and has no need to get out. We have been living at my friends house while ours is being rebuilt (she just has a little back yard) and we leave the side door open and she comes and goes as she pleases never going farther the neighbor on either sides front yard. Where as her dog has to be led to the back yard and put on a chain. My dog is almost 3 and never been on one before coming to stay here. Now that I'm here it is never.
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