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Special Didi, our boy, lives forever in our hearts!


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Feb 2, 2009
Our beloved Didi passed away yesterday afternoon on March 10, 2012.

Didi was five-year-old. He felt in asleep while we were away and didn't wake up. He was peaceful lying down and kicking his legs to the side in a relaxed position. Didi lived a happy life with us. He have been to different places with different people, and finally landed in our home with a lot of love. Didi was a very intelligent very funny and super sweet piggy. He was the boss of the three piggy pack. His two brothers are feeling sad just like us.

Thank you so much, Didi, for being with us for three years, bonding with us, and bringing much love, joy, and happiness to us. You are a very special piggy. You are a gift.

Didi, we love you and always do. You will continue to live in our hearts and loving memories.
Sorry to hear about Didi :=( I just hope my girls go the same way when its their time ..peacufully...R.I.P. Didi
I'm sorry for your loss...:(
RIP poor, sweet little Didi, I'm so sorry for you're lose. I've lost piggies too, I know it's so hard, but you couldn't prevent it, no one could. Run free and happy, Didi!

He's waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge...!
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