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Behavior Spazing out all the sudden


Cavy Slave
Mar 7, 2010
This may or may not be anything to worry about but I can't help but worry if something is wrong with my male adult guinea pig. I have had him over a year now. He is very relaxed in my home and this would not be anything normal for him. He was fine before a normal cage cleaning. I put him back in his cage as it was before just cleaner than it was. I proceeded to the other pigs cages and all the sudden it was like something scared the crap out of him and he jumped in his potty area which is a large plastic rectangular bin with his hay bin at one end and water bottle at the other to keep messes down.

Awhile ago I went to do my normal daily tidy up removing poops and any hay out of areas that aren't the potty area. I then noticed the rest of the cage was spotless in his cage which is not normal for him. I was worried he was hurt or something and has not came out of the box all night or day. So I took him out and he sat with me acting normal and appears to be fine. I put him in his cage away from the potty area and he flipped the heck out again like something startled him and hopped right back in the potty area. He apparently is freaked out about something in his cage and I do not understand when it is the same as it always has been.

So I traded on of my females Carmella that currently has the floor space and put him there and her in his cage to one: see if she flips out the same and is ok in there and two: if he was fine on the the floor. He is chipper as can be and she as relaxed as can be in his cage. I am puzzled if this could be some some freaky thing or can something mentally being going on w/ my piggers. Has anyone else had any crazy behavior w/ their pigs like this before?
Pigs sometimes do get weirded out about something in their cage, or something they imagine is in their cage. They'll hide for several days, and then one day it will all be over. Just keep to his normal routine, with maybe a few extra treats and cuddles, and he'll be ok. Maybe you could switch a few hideys around and see if that helps.
He just seems so comfy in his environment all the time now he just acts like he is terrified over something and ive never seen him act so scared and leery over something. he is ok now unless he walks over to that area of the room then he starts creeping over slowly and checking it out slowly... weird (shrugs) i just hope its nothing really. i just worried rather it was a mental or visual thing happening to him.
Can you upload a photo? We might have some ideas of what was bothering him.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Spazing out all the sudden
(carmella, keeping it occupied while hes having floor time) This is the left side of the cage. Small loft on the end where he normally lounges and watches tv or lays in the hammy. This is the side he freaked out about and keeps hiding to the right in the potty not pictured. But he is kinda randomly acting weird on the floor now too... Not as scared but kinda slowly creeping around like he needs to investigate the surroundings. It is not normal as he normally has not a care in the world. Even when I come in and out of the room or anyone enters it doesnt startle him or coming near unless my hands go to pick him up then we play a little chase then hes fine once I have him and hes relaxed again. As I was staying though, he was fine before I cleaned his cage, put back the same way and now hes being weird.
I am just going to pamper him for a bit then maybe he will forget. o0
Update: Okay, we have had a few more days randomly that I have seen Mocha acting goofy again... So, I got my camera out today for some video of his sillyness... Now instead of uploading all the clips or making one long video of all of them... The last one was good enough to see what he does for awhile till he goes back to being just fine... He creeps over to this area and stares and wants to go in then runs like heck.... Here is the link to my video on youtube where I just uploaded so others can see what I mean... The sound in the background was not heard in person I guess its my cheap camera.... Mocha the scared guinea pig - YouTube
Note: this is his mild version of being scared... sometimes he will venture all the way to the area that is scary to him then flip the heck out... Is he just a nut case? :)
Ghost! :eek:
(Also I have the same tunnel! lol)
i think he hears or smells something he doesnt like you should wash ALL plastics you have, or maybe he is just nuts :p
the cat toys make good toys for the piggers too... gotta cat bed for tv watching in my bed too. i was thinking i hope he isnt seeing something like a ghost that is taunting him... i dont know what else it could be... i just wondered if anyone else has had their gp's act kinda like a weirdo like this.... or if they did was something really wrong for this kind of behavior
ya, i do wash every thing. in fact washed today... there doesnt seem to be anything that has been the same in each case where he gets like this... i think he might just be a weirdo... i sure do love him... he is probably my fav but i am not sure i can pick a fav one of my fur babies
maybe something happened to him and he rememebrs it, a family member touching him w/o u knowing, him falling, or just another piggy fight?
My pigs are all kept separate because as loving as they are w/ me... they are not nice at all to each other... i am the only person who is around my pigs... i am not the first owner though... however, i have had him for maybe a year and a half now and this is a very recent behavior that is very random... he normally is very relaxed and comfy everywhere... i know by tomorrow he will be back to himself till next time he decides to be a weirdo again.
Are you using the same cleaning supplies? Same brand, formula hasn't changed? Any cleaning supplies used in that room, or the house that he might smell? It's kinda like my cats suddenly deciding they have to be elsewhere-NOW! And they alll scatter like a hurricane of fur...
Have you tried moving the igloo and that blanket to the other side of your floor enclosure to see if it is the igloo or that specific spot? I would try that first...maybe he is freaked out about something with the blanket/fabric/smell or how you washed the igloo...? Who knows...silly piggies :)
ya i move things around on him, change things out to see if its a certain item... most of the time i just change out the towels and fleece and dont have to clean out the bins often because they pretty much use their potty for peeing.... so i really do not have to use any cleaning supplies for every cage change... its a on and off thing that he will act like a goof ball even if i havent moved or changed anything out... lastnight i slept on the floor w/ him as i have before to comfort him and he snuggles in my blanket... the last time i did this i woke up after awhile and he had ventured over to the scary spot and went to sleep... lastnight i woke up and he was sleeping on my pillow above my head. maybe he just is an actor for some attention lol... jk he honestly acts scared on and off... for what seems to be no reason... i dont think im going to worry about it anymore and assume hes just whacky and enjoy snuggling w/ him when hes a scared piggy... (shrugs) hes something else haha
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