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Size Space issue


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Cavy Slave
Apr 25, 2023
I have been wanting to extend my cage to 5x2, but I would have no room for them. They are being kept in my room for now. My room is small as it is, and with the cage, takes up lots of space. My mom refuses to let me clear out a spcae in the back corner of the living room for them. That is th eonly extra space in the house. I would put them in our extra room, but my mom uses it as her office. She tells me to put them in the basement, but that is 100% off limits for me. My girls have grown alot more than I expected. WHat do you think I should do?
How big is the cage now?
4x2 c and c grids
That meets the guidelines, but you could put an upstairs kitchen area (two ramps, please, one on either side), and that would give them more room to move around downstairs.
That could work. I was thinking of extending one c and c square just for their hay bin, so it would look like an L.