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Fur Source of Bald Spot on New Pig?


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Feb 14, 2017
Hello everyone,

I have two boars, and I got one only this week (1 y/o). Whenever I got him, the woman had three smaller children (who all seemed pretty riley) and he had a bald spot. He seemed very calm and sweet so I still got him and took him home, and it didn't seem to bother him. But now that I am examining it, it's really worrying me because I can't tell the source of the spot. It seems a bit red in the middle and I found a small tuft of hair in the cage this morning, although there has been very normal dominance behavior between him and my other boar (occasional chattering and chasing each other off), although my new baby is obviously backing down to my pig's dominance and was allowing himself to be humped yesterday. He has been eating and drinking, including hay, pellets, and the bell peppers and lettuce that I gave both of them (And is even a little protective over his food, but he is not mean). He lets me pet him and doesn't run away. I just can't tell if it could be from someone yanking out his hair (aka one of the woman's children), another pig pulling it out, mites, fungus, etc. I just want to see if it's worrying enough to examine. Also, he seemed to scratch/groom himself a normal amount but I really can't tell. He kept using his arms to rub his face but I dont blame him since my older pig kept humping him in the face.

I attached a photo which hopefully worked. Source of Bald Spot on New Pig?
Also, I was going to try and break up the thread so it was easier to read, but I cannot figure out if I can edit the post! If I can, can someone please let me know how?
A close-up picture would help, but from this distance it looks like a healing wound. What you need to be concerned about is infection, so if you notice any swelling, redness, heat, pus or other drainage, get him to a vet for treatment. It will probably need to be drained.

If you don't see of those signs, just watch him carefully to make sure it doesn't get worse. And check him all over carefully each day -- you for sure don't want to miss any puncture wounds.
I'm not sure if this is any better, if not I can try to take one later. Are there any other signs I should look out for? Thank you, I was just worried because I didn't want anything to happen to him since I know they're very fragile creatures.


You can only edit a post for 10 minutes after posting.

It still looks like a healing sore to me. Keep an eye on it for any signs of infection, but just let it be as long as you don't see any.
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