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sorry, but i hate plastic!


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Nov 26, 2011
my two newest boys are about 2 years old, blind and deaf. when i brought them home, we (the rescue and i) agreed it would be best to bring their pigloo with me, so they'd have something familiar in their new cage and new home. it's a large sized purple plastic pigloo.

i hate plastic. anything plastic. my other two cages have fleece forests, cabanas, a tent, cuddle cups and sleep sacs. once we had a wooden hidey, which they quickly out grew.

i've had them less than a week, so i'm not going to rush into taking their pigloo from them. they spend lots of time in there, cuddling and sleeping together - it's all very sweet. i'm hoping to transition them into something I like better (yeah, yeah, selfish me. but i'm sure there's something both i and the boys would like). it seems like at the rescue where

they were for the past two years, they didn't get a lot of individual attention (except for medical) or cuddle time. they were in a room with dozens of other pigs, though obviously they wouldn't have known that.

their pigloo must feel safe and secure, and i want them to feel the same way. so i'm thinking of hideys that would feel cozy, that i can make and slowly move them into. i figure if i keep it in the same spot for one that will help. also, when i have lap time, i cuddle them in a cozy bed i made. i have to take both of them out together. if i take one at a time they both get very agitated. these guys are so dependent and reliant on each other to navigate a dark and silent world. it's pretty amazing actually. so i figure the cuddle cup will eventually have enough of their smell on it to feel familiar and that would be the bottom part of the "new" hidey. i'm trying to figure out the top part.

sorry this is so long, but i'm trying to think all this through. any feedback or suggestions would be great. any different kinds of hideys, other than fleece forest, corner tents, etc. i'd love to hear about so i can consider using them for the boys.
Soda pop can boxes, tissue boxes, cuddle cups.

There are a lot of options.

My girls have a wooden hut my grandpa made. It is probably their favorite hiding spot, and they like to chew it which is fine by me. Better than chewing the metal bars of their cage!

I use 2 Fleece Forests, tubes, fiddlesticks, and many things like that.

Good luck!
I hate my pigloo too, I would rather only have soft things in my cage. I don't like the little plastic shelf inside the cage but until I get my C&C cage I deal with it(I have a pet store cage connected to a playpen by a small ramp). They don't really use their pigloo anymore but I want to keep it in there so they have a safe place to go when they feel scared.

Sleep Sack Cozy Pouch 12x13 Over 270 Fabric by Yuliyagoolia

:) I think a cozy sack would be great because it in my opinion feels even more secure because it is warm and deep so they feel they are "burrowing".

(broken link removed)

This is a soft pigloo! I want one of these! I would get it to replace my pigloo.
What if you made a pad that fits inside their pigloo, and then you can transfer the pad to a hidey like this one:
(broken link removed) or this one:
[GuineaPigCages.com] sorry, but i hate plastic!

*Edit* I thought about this right after I posted.

What if you made a smallish cuddle cup that would fit inside the pigloo and then make a bigger cuddle cup with tall sides and a thin bottom you could turn upside-down and stack on top of the little cuddle cup (make sense?) and so then once they were used to the little cuddle cup you could remove the pigloo and replace it with the big upside-down cuddle cup...?
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thanks for all your suggestions!! i just order this cottage from cosy corner - big enough for 2 guinea pigs : (broken link removed)here must be something about being in an enclosed space that they find comforting and safe. they can't see or hear, so "technically" they can't know when they're out in the open, or when they're hiding, but they do spend lots of time inside their pigloo, rather than out in the cage. of course that's what all my pigs did when i first got them. i guess there are some things that simply define who guinea pigs are -whether they have any kind of disability or not!

when it arrives, i'll make sure to have them lie on some fleece inside the old pigloo for a few days, then switch pigloos with cottage, leaving the fleece there, so they "know" it's "home".

well, that problem got solved, huh?!
Sounds like a good plan!! :)
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