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sores around mouth


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Sep 6, 2006
Hello, Im new here and Im a "mom" to two young guinea pigs. (Skittles and Skippie) Ive noticed that they keep getting small sores on the corner of their mouths that go away and come back. I just found something saying that this can be caused from an allergy to apples. I sometimes feed them apples but not as often as I feed them peaches and oranges. Does the acid in peaches and oranges cause these sores or could it be an allergy? Also,I was wondering what veggies and fruits you recommend most to feed guinea pigs. Thanks ahead of time for reading this, I really appreciate it. Take care. :)
The acids in fruit can cause mouth sores sometimes and you should definitely limit the fruit if they are getting them.

I recommend giving them:

Red peppers, green peppers, kale, parsley
Sounds to me like a lot of acid if it's coming and going. Fruits like apples and oranges and even tomatoes carry a lot of acid. If a pig has had problems with recurring sores around the mouth it's best to cut way back on these items.

Good everyday foods are lettuces (no iceburg), cilantro, bell peppers, zucchini and swiss chard. Parsley should be limited in pigs over 6 months due to high calcium contents as well as kale. A great alternative to parsley is cilantro. Kale is great for C but contains a lot of calcium, Vit. A and oxalic acid. Kale is best fed 2-3 times per week in small amounts.
Oh yeah I forgot about the calcium thing. My piggie is only 2 months old so he needs more calcium. Sorry about that.
Thank you so much for your replies!! I couldnt believe how quickly you all responded. I am definatly going to limit the really acid fruits and start trying some of the other foods that you all mentioned. I have some kale in the fridge that I will be giving them today to see how they like it. Thanks again! This is a great site!
Bell peppers....all colors....are a terrific everyday food. My piggies especially love the red ones!
Being a new cavy mama, you're in a great place for information crazychic. Check out https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/17032/. You'll find bunches of links with the information you need to make your pigs' lives wonderful and an attachment at the bottom with a good list of piggy veggies.
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