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Injury Sore leg


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Feb 10, 2012
My female has her foot curled up next to her chest and is limping. I'm not sure how it happened but her and my male was in the same cage until yesterday (I had no idea until recently they were opposite sex, petland told me they were both girls). I haven't seen them fight but my male is extremely hyper compared to the female. I checked the cage they were both in which is a c&c cage, no connectors just zip ties. The zip ties are all very tight and in places they can't get to well.

Unfortunately (makes me feel like a bad owner) can't afford a unneeded vet visit right now. As I just got them a month ago and spent all my money getting their set up ready and had initially bought a store bought cage. If you all think she definately needs a vet visit I'll figure out a way but wanted more knowledgeable inputs first.

It's her top left foot, I've noticed no swelling. She just seems to not want to walk on it. But gets around fine by limping. (I have her in an extended store bough cage and she gets up the ramp okay to the extension where her kitchen is.
She will eventually be in her own fully c&c cage but as I had no idea one was a male one was a female when I made the c&c, I didn't buy enough grids (which were impossible to find, had to go to a warehouse in the city) Okay enough rambling on.
Is this something that can heal on its own or is a vet visit needed?
If it were me and one of my Frapps was limping, I would take her to the vet.
If she is limping and she has to get up a ramp to eat or drink, I would move her food and water down so that she has access to it without having to make a climb. Just because she is "getting around okay" doesn't mean she is not in pain. What does she do when you hold her in your lap and touch the leg? Can she extend it or does she just choose not to? Without knowing what it is, I'm not sure you can know if it will heal on its own or not. To me, a hurt gp is a needed visit.
Today she seems to be fine. It's no longer curled up against her and she's completely walking on it.

@above poster. I know and if I currently had any money I wouldn't have even thought twice about taking her and just went. But we all get in tough spots. My animals always come first, even if I don't have the money for groceries I make sure they have food. Don't think I don't take my animals to the vet when they need it, I'm just not in a place this week where I can.

But again, she seems to be walking fine on it now and is more active then she was. Maybe it was just sore from fighting. I will keep an eye on her though and the first sign she isn't walking on it again take her to the vet.
Woah, please don't get defensive. How much you care shows that you are a good pet owner! I was only trying to help- I wasn't being accusatory or confrontational. I'm a college student paying her own way; I know what it's like to be in a tough spot. I didn't even mention anything about food. I just offered my advice and moved on.
Anyway, I'm glad she is feeling better and walking around fine. :)
Sorry didn't mean to get defensive it's just depressing not to be able to take your pet to the vet when it needs it.

But, I borrowed some money from my mom and took her to the vet anyway because she's had diarrhea (if you have seen my other thread ). He says the leg is fine but she has ringworm and a parasite in her intestines so I am definitely glad I took her.
Is your female in the same cage as your male? This is confusing. Please keep all medical posts about your pigs on one thread.
Sorry about that, didn't realize we were suppose to. But to answer your question, no she wasn't. I thought terra was a male but after checking and double checking I'm 100% sure she's a female.
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