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So these are the veggies I feed my piggies, any suggestions?


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Jun 2, 2011
My guinea pigs are all happy and healthy, and I want them to keep that way, so I wanted people to know what I feed them and if they have any suggestions or if all this sounds good:).
Here they are, and feel free to comment about any small detail:

once in a while a small smidget of corn.

So, those are all the things that I can think o right now, but, I do have some questions of what they can, and cannot eat.
I'm not sure if they can eat:
and I want to know how much corn they should eat-

That's about all I can think of right now.
So, thanks in advance,
Luna (;

This is the VERY BEST link for finding information of proper diet, so please read it carefully. I would even suggest printing a color copy to keep hanging on the fridge or near your piggy cage.

Just to point out a few quick things though:

1)How much carrot do you feed? They can have one baby carrot per day
2)What kind of lettuce? There are MANY types. Iceburg is no good and many don't suggest romaine either. Red and Green leaf lettuce are great though
3)Spinach and Kale are high in calcium, so strictly monitor how much they get
4)Apple is a fruit and should only be fed as an occasional treat since fruits are higher in sugar then veggies
5)No corn please, only the husks and silks are healthy for them to eat.
Will follow!
Thanks for the link, it really helped alot!! That's a really amazing list, although, at the end I don't know if I was anything but confused, with all those big words and numbers, lol. But I did get good things out of it, and I won't feed then anymore corn, although I would like to try some corn silk, and I'm going to feed them one baby carrot per day, sound good? I am 100% determinde to make my guinea pig's life as full of fun and healthy and happy as I can, and I think I'm off at a pretty good start! Thanks again for you'r time and help :),
The problem with spinach and kale isn't the calcium in them. It's high, but you could cope with that by just feeding less of it. It's that they're both extremely high in vitamin A and oxalates, and with the high calcium, that's a triple whammy. I don't give either one of them unless we just happen to be eating them, and then only a small piece.
Ok, thank you for you'r help and time, I highly appreciat it!! I basically do the same as you. Although I do believe that kale is very good for guinea pigs, I hardly ever give it to them, :sad:, we really don't eat kale, we eat spinach and lettuce and cucumber and things, oh, and carrots. I've only gotten kale for them like, once, but, believe me, they LOVED IT TO DEATH!!! So I'm going to cut down on my carrot and spinach and all that, and, I'm going to widen my variety of veggies and fruits, if that's a good plan. Does anyone know if they can eat tamato and pear?
Again I want to thank you guys for helping out, it was very helpful and I feel really certain of what to feed them now, and how much, thanks!!! :)
Yes, they can eat tomato and pear. Too many tomatoes can cause mouth sores, and pears should be fed sparingly due to sugar content.
2)What kind of lettuce? There are MANY types. Iceburg is no good and many don't suggest romaine either. Red and Green leaf lettuce are great though

Is this true about romaine? It has been in my piggy's every other day veggie routine. Could this harm them? The chart says to give it to them "almost daily".
Is this true about romaine? It has been in my piggy's every other day veggie routine. Could this harm them? The chart says to give it to them "almost daily".

Some users across various forums have noticed that their pigs get sludgy urine when feeding romaine. My adolescent and adult pigs get romaine maybe once a month; I prefer to feed green leaf lettuce over any other lettuce.
Darn! I had a post but lost all my writing on here for the THIRD TIME, lol! So I'll write it again. So I usually feed my guinea pigs romain...Actually, I always feed my guinea pigs romain. But, it doesn't seem to effect them at all and they love it, which confuses me. Is a guinea pig's body, in this way, like a human's body, becuase every human body is different? Does romain lettuce have no effects on some guinea pigs, and does on others? That's all I can think of. But I also feed my guinea pigs a tasty little treat, a mixture of baby Green lettuces, baby Red lettuces, baby Arugala, baby Beet, and Dill. Does this dound like a good, (and temporary), mixture of foods for my little guinea pigs? None of my guinea pigs have gotten sick from food before, but I'm worried! What if I can't figure out what is the healthiest for my guinea pig's needs? But, I'm going to keep on finding more and more research, and thank you for you'r time and all of you'r usefull posts on my thread!!! So happy I have this forum here with all the info!!
Some pigs are prone to sludge in urine, and those are the ones that shouldn't be fed much romaine. One of my pigs is, and since she lives with everyone else, none of the pigs get much romaine, which is fine with them. If you pig isn't leaving white deposits when it pees then I wouldn't be concerned about the romaine.

That lettuce mix sounds great, just don't feed too many beets.
Adding some bell peppers (green and yellow) to their daily diet is a good idea if you're looking for more variety. Plus, most pigs love cilantro which can be fed daily too.
Oh, I fogot to say, I also feed them bell peppers sometimes, they really like it! And when I got Smokey, the first tiem she peed, (which was on me, lol!), it was white, so I bet she wan't getting the right things to eat!
I use organic baby green salad mix with redicchio, baby romaine, and other greens, a bit of carrot, bell peppers, English Cucumbers, Cilantro mostly..they wolf it down.
I actually printed the list out, taped it and folded it so it's kind of like an index card that I keep in my wallet when I go to the store. It's helped tremendously at the store. Then I find making their salads a week at a time helps. I number the containers so they don't get too much of one of the alternating type foods close together. It takes the guess work out for me. I don't have to sit there and think 'did I give them parsley yesterday or cilantro'. I think about it once a week for about an hour and then I'm done. Easy peasy! (bonus... planning their meals so carefully got me thinking about how poorly I plan MY meals. Now I'm 7lbs lighter!)
Wow, that's a really good idea, Mommazilla! So, I've been thinking for a while, that on the computer, (word), that I should print out a form like thing. Like, for today, it would be like, 'Baby Romain lettuce pieces,' and then I would check it! And I would make them salads with peppers, dill, lettuce, carrots, kale, spinach, etc. Sound good, everyone?
i have been using and following the chart @bpatters referred to. one of the things about my pigs is that they seem to be so very fussy about their veggies. they have made it VERY clear which they like and which they don't. i've tried chopping some of the veggies fine and sprinkling it over their pellets (for several months now), to encourage them to taste and get used to eat - especially with the peppers since they're so high in good vitamins. but, to no avail. fussy, fussy boys! :melodrama so i do give them each a vitamin C tablet from oxbow. that way i don't worry too much if they won't eat their veggies - they're still getting heir vitamin C. :cheerful: my older boy has a problem with impaction, and i have to limit his veggies anyway. i keep that list handy, and cross off the veggies my pigs don't like. after a few months, i'll try them again i guess. they hate celery, peppers, endive, and i won't risk feeding them romaine. the one question i do have is: is there anything else that may make them pee white besides the romaine? my one pig is leaving white pee spots, and i can't figure put which veggies is the culprit!
Jacqueline, I could be very mistaken but I think white spots are considered normal. It's when the residue left behind is gritty that you worry about calcium overload. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I have read that in a few places.

like here:

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Mine personally love cilantro and parsley, which is awesome because you can really only buy those in huge bundles you'll never need! You could try those if you haven't already.
True, Mommazilla, white spots are considered normal. You have nothing to worry about, Jacqueline, you're guinea pigs, (or at least in that perspective), are completely fine :). So glad other poeple are learning from my thread! I'm learning loads as well! And thank you, Surfingpigs, I will not feed them too many beets. And, ever sense I learned this from Catahoula on here recently, I have been feeding them one baby size carrot almost every day per piggy! I want to thank all of you for being such great Cavy Slaves on this site, and helping me and my guinea pigs out! Thank you, everyone:love:, so great to have you and the forum here.

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