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C&C So I'm trying to build my own C&C but have some questions?


Cavy Slave
Feb 24, 2012
I am building a 2x2 C&C on my own, and have one that I ordered online that should be her on Monday (I hope) that is a 2x4. Since I have never put together a C&C I have a few questions? When you put on the zip ties how many did you use and where did you place them? My second question is how tight do you pull the zip tie? And my last question is if there was a place like walmart or home depot that sold just the connectors? I found out that Home Depot sells coroplast so thats good, but I can't find any info on the connectors.

Thanks for any help,
I think most people do 2 or 3 zip ties on every edge where two or three grids join.

Pull the zip ties as tight as you can. Needle-nosed pliers work very well for this.

I know you can order the connectors online, but have no idea if you can find them locally or not. But you can build the cage without connectors -- some people swear that it makes a sturdier cage without them.
I've never used the connectors that came with the grids so I'm no help on that part. I only use the zip ties and find that things are just as stable. Pull the zip ties as tight as you can. If you have the proper sized grid you can usually, at least I do, use three to join each grid. One in the exact middle space, one that is the second from the top and one that is second from the bottom. Evenly spaced basically. Are you putting a top on it? Does Home Depot have coroplast in the size you need? Remember if they're babies that you need to baby proof the cage so that they can't escape, that means either having higher sides on the coro, or adding extra grids or something similar around the cage so they can't get their heads through the holes in the grids and get out. I had an extra set of grids that I'd gotten from Bed, Bath and Beyond (they still carry them) that I used to put around my 2X3 with a top when I needed to baby proof. Someone else might have another suggestion of things you can use if getting more grids just isn't an option. Congrats on the cage! Good luck, there are so many different ways to build great C&C cages.
Yeah, I am baby proofing with higher coro. I need the second cage the 2x2 for our lake house when we go up there, we only stay a weekend, so I thought two day out of the 3 month in a half size cage is not that bad. How big do the whole have to be to consider safe for babies?
Howdy! I just built mine last weekend. I tried the connectors at first but they frustrated me to no end so I moved on to zip ties. You can get them for fairly cheap at wal-mart or pretty much any other store. Like what bpatters said I used 2 per grid side to attach to the next grid, you could probably do 3 equally spaced apart. I put them at the end most squares at each grid and pull them as tightly as I could.
maybe I will do away with the connectors all together. Does it make a difference for the lid? The lid is to keep the cat out, even though he really hasn't bothered them yet. He only watches, but I have had cats all my life and know about there hunting instincts.
Thats funny you said that zip ties are easy to find. I have been to three stores today and everyone of them said sorry we don't carry them. lol. figures they don't, if I didn't need them they would. Oh well, I'm sure home depot has them buy the bucket.
Hmm... I found mine at Wal-Mart in the home improvement section, I bet home depot has them though, it would seem crazy for them not to. I don't think it would make a huge difference with a lid you might have to support the middle incase your cat tries to jump onto of it. My cats at home love jumping on my boyfriend's reptile cages which has caused quite a bit of trouble.
At first my cat was jumping on the top of the cage to watch them through the top, but I put a blanket on top and he stopped, now he just lays on a box and watches them from the side. I am glad that fixed the problem cause that cage I have now I don't think could have handled any more weight of him weight or jumps.
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