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so i guess ill be introducing myself..


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jun 16, 2012
:):) Hi!!!!
I have 2 baby guinea pigs that are 1 month old and a couple days old.
My black and white one, is Oreo
My brown and white one, is Cupcake
I am still kind of worried about the veggies and stuff that I should be feeding them ..... so yeah any advice would be awesome
HI Princess Oreo, I'm new too, i'm Tiger Lily. I just registered today also. Your guinea pigs sound cute. I have a picture of mine in the forum when I introduced myself. I adopted Princess Leia at the animal shelter on Wensday. Shes very sweet and claim I have been taking her almost evrywhere with me. I have heard that its totally ok to feed your guinea pigs fruits and veggies. Leia so far has seem to like carrots. I hope you enjoy your babies, I dont know how old mine is but she cant be very old at all, she is still kind ofsmall. How did you come across guinea pigs that were so young? Thats neat to have them so little, you'll have to put up a picture.
Take Care:)
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