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So excited to have joined!


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Nov 12, 2011
Hello, my name's Mary and I have two abyssinian piggies, Lilo and Roxy. They're both trouble & I love them to pieces. My current project is making my girls a mini meadow(no fertilizers) to run around in for part of their play time...even though all the time is play time for them!

Anyways, nice to meet you all!
Welcome to the forum! Take a look around at all the great information on the site! We would love to see pictures of Lilo and Roxy!
Hi and welcome !
[GuineaPigCages.com] So excited to have joined![GuineaPigCages.com] So excited to have joined!

Sorry if they're a little dark on your screen, didn't want to hurt their eyes with the flash :)
Aww they are very cute!
Such cutiepies! Welcome and thank you for posting the pictures!
Yes they are <3 Thank you!
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