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Snugglesafe discs


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May 29, 2012
Does anyone here use them?

I'm considering getting some for my pigs and bunnies, as it's starting to get rather cold here.

If anyone uses them, do you use one per pig, one between two?

Is a fleece covering sufficient to prevent chewing the disc directly?
I have never herd of them. Keep me posted
i bought mine from pets at home, and even though it has a fleece covering i put it under my fleece and they just slept on it, didnt microwave it for the full 5 minutes didnt want them to get hot but its comfy for them too ^^
This is a snugglesafe disc: (broken link removed)ou heat them up in the microwave and they're supposed to last 10 hours, gradually getting cooler.
How cold does it get where your guinea pigs are? They tolerate colder temperatures much better than hotter ones, unless you've got skinnies. They need a lot of help staying warm.
At the moment, we're getting down to 2oC at night. In the middle of winter it will get below freezing. This is the outside temperature. Inside is slightly warmer.
Now I'm worried about what I will do with my pigs come winter! have fleece hiddies and snuggle stuff so I guess they'll be okay. In the middle of winter here it can be -30 C! and during the summer it can be 40 C. Such a varying climate.
I assume the disks are safe, so long as the pigs don't try to eat them.
@madelineelaine-I don't think its a big deal because houses in Canada have furnaces so the inside of the house stays warm. Just make sure you check for any drafts (windows, baseboards, etc.) that the piggies may be exposed to. The fleece hidey houses should keep them warm enough :)
Unless you're housing the pigs outside, and I fervently hope that you're not, the pigs can stand any indoor temperature that you can. You may need to drape a blanket over the cage to keep drafts out if your house is not airtight. Hideys that are barely larger than the pig also help trap heat.
It seems like it would be alright but isn't that rather expensive?!
I use the snugglesafe discs and think they're great. They really come in handy when you have a pig recovering from surgery or a sick pig who is having a problem retaining body heat.

They would be a good choice for keeping animals warm. You can try making your own with rice or beans but those things don't stay warm as long as the SnuggleSafe; also, the temperature isn't as even with those types of things as with the SnuggleSafe.

I'd go with a single disc for a single pig depending on what your needs are. If it gets really cold, I'd want one per pig. A good way to hold heat is to wrap one of these in a cozy or fleece and put it under an igloo or hidey house where the pig likes to lay - it helps hold the heat in better.
@Paula - where would you find something like that? I checked on Amazon and they are selling them for $26.99. That seems like a lot.
A SnuggleSafe? They are around $30 each just about anywhere you go.
A SnuggleSafe? They are around $30 each just about anywhere you go.

That isn't so bad. When I looked at the first link it was $89 AU. I missed the AU part at first and $90 for one seemed extreme!
Ha, that WOULD be a bit extreme! $30 is reasonable as long as you don't need 10 of them.
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