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Fleece snow days and a sewing machine.

5 littlepiggies

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Dec 30, 2013
The snow.daysbhave given me some good extra time. I managed to make it work for me. I was able to sew 4 pads and one tunnel. I'm ready for more... I even think I'm getting better at it. I love fleece its so fun.
I am planning a SnowSew day tomorrow!
Same here! Planning on sewing all day tomorrow.
hey I want snow too!!! (and a sewing machine to begin with but that's ok for now). please share some pictures, I'm always looking for inspiration for when I will finally get a sewing machine :)
As a brand new sewer I can say it is fun. I'm just startng to learn to sew semi strait. I will pics soon I just cleaned the cage and put my new stuff in already couldn't wait.
I did my snow day sewing on Wednesday!!! Had a blast!!! Love those snow days!!!
Our snow is supposed to be coming, but I couldn't wait. haha I'm about halfway through my 2nd cage liner. (I'm super slow.) But my piggies are very understanding & remarkably patient -- as long as their food is on time! haha
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