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Blog Snow! And other random stuff.

Blog entry from old forum


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Aug 19, 2009
Hey guys! I have been a tad MIA lately because life is hectic, with classes(I love being bilingual, dont get me wrong, good skill, and in my part of canada french is essential to get a good job, but I hate my french classes(there are FIVE! On a daily basis, thats 4 1/2 hours of a language I barely understand :p) and just life overall.

It SNOWED!! There are several inches of snow on the ground!! I will try to post pics whenever I can, Im gonna take many many photos of the snow. :) I have my coat, I have my mitts, my awesome hat! I cant wait for winterlude!

I also have a terrible cold(ICK!) so Im waiting for that to pass, I probably have it because my and a few friends were out a bit late last night after the parade.  And I always thought the weekend was to catch up on sleep, but instead Im more sleep deprived than ever! Went to sleep at 4:30-5:00, and woke up around 7:00. I am exhausted and have way to much homework to do :((the party was really fun though!).

The pigs are doing great! they have a newly acquired obsession with orange pepper.

I saved a teeny kitten! A friend of mine found her in an orchard, barely 2 weeks old, my friend couldnt keep her, I couldnt keep her, so she is a permanent resident with my nanny/aunt(they live together), she's getting bigger, coming up to 4 wks now. She is in better health now too, she is very small, only about a half pound. Her eyes are turning green, and she is now a typical hyper kitten. Not shy at all, extremely cute. She is a calico, and she will have long hair, I think. She has longish hair now, and I think it will get longer.