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Sneezing Sneezing and Breathing Problem Help please


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Mar 17, 2012
hi i have a female guinea pig and she is 6 months old 2 months ago we brought her to the vet because she was sneezing too much and crusty nose but the vet checked her and everything and both vets told us its not URI but still they prescribed Baytril... but after many weeks nothing changed she still sneezing and her nose is always wet and a bit crusty so the vet told us it might be Allergies so i changed their hay to orchard now not much sneezing but she still sneeze like 10 a day then a month ago she started making noise like exactly the one in the video ( its not my guinea pig in the video btw ) sometimes it dissapears then comes back ... we went to have her checked they still cant even tell me whats going on with her i spent alot already but the only thing they tell me is that she might have allergies and she is congested so does anyone know what could this be? is it something serious? im really worried and i dont want them putting her on baytril all the time pls any advice thank you so mch!

My guinea pig is still popcorning, playing, pooping & peeing ... wheeking for food eating & drinking ... NO signs that she is sick only the breathing noise that she makes everyday especially at night and when she is resting ...

How is the other pig? That definitely sounds bad. How long was she on Baytril? What was the dosage? It's possible it's developed into pneumonia, and she needs more antibiotics, or even a couple at once. Have you been weighing her?
Hi foggy .. the other 2 piggies are fine she was on Baytril for weeks dosage is
.15cc ... after weeks of baytril she still sneezing so the vet told me
change their alfalfa to orchard right when i did that her she stopped
sneezing like crazy but after a month or 2 she started making that noise
... vet checked everything and they cant figure it out but they said no
pneumonia or URI ... i been weighing her and her weight is always the
same shes not losing weight she eats she plays everything is normal is
just that her breathing noise that she makes... i dont know what else
what to do even the guy that owns the youtube video they didnt figure it
out also whats going on with his guinea pig... right now while typing i
see my guinea pig running around popcorning and trying to hump the
other piggie because she is in heat ...
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