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(Slightly) New Guinea Pig owner looking for Guidance


Cavy Slave
Jun 11, 2012
Hi, I'm Matthew or "MattVent". I'm not actually a first time guinea pig owner, as I've had a pair two years ago but they died after a week :weepy: (I don't know why, must be my ignorance... also, I wasn't aware of the animal shelter problems). After two years, I guess I'm over their death and I just got myself a new guinea pig Stavros or Tav (an almost pure black peruvian, I was going to call him Darth Vader, but Tav just got stuck in my mind). I will take every precautions now (and won't be ignorant anymore), since I don't want to happen what happened last time, thus I am here to learn.

I just got him yesterday from a friend breeder (no animal shelter or rescue in my country). Right now he's still running away from me and I think I got a little forceful (lifted him twice), so he runs when I put my hands near him. Now, I'm taking it slow by putting food in my hands and not moving it (maybe someday he'll take the treat)

Right now, he's living in the previous cage, which is quite small (12" x 18"). I'm planning on making a C & C Cage; however, because of the lack of supplies, I'm planning on doing a different one from scratch. Since I'm an architecture student and from a family with a construction firm, I'm planning on building a cage similar to C & C, but using maybe wood and wire mesh (or whatever is good for the guinea pig, with it I'm asking now).
Hello and welcome to the forum! We would love to see a picture of Tav!
Many people don't know what they are doing when they first get guinea pigs. It's very good that you're researching now to make sure Tav has a wonderful life.
I would suggest you look under the C&C Alternatives in the photo gallery. Hopefully you can get some good ideas!
Welcome Matt and Tav! So very glad you found us! Looking forward to sharing with you. Also looking forward to pictures of Tav and your new cage.

We are here for you if you have any needs or questions.
Okay thanks guys. I'll grab a picture of him when the DSLR repair is done (well, actually just cleaning, but I'm too lazy to go to the shop).
You can make cages out of many things. Two things to be aware of with wood -- the pigs shouldn't be able to chew it, and, if you don't completely protect it from urine and poop, it will smell very bad very quickly.

Welcome to the forum!
woods fine to use for the pigs cage but you'll need something like Coroplast so the wood doesn't rot. also try and find wood that doesn't have a sent and re frame from using pine.. pine wood can kill pigs if consumed and cause foot problems. Try to keep the cage as open as possible as well. pigs like to see whats going on and if need be yell at you for attention or a treat XD where is he know? all rodents do better in rooms where you spend a lot of your time. i keep my pigs in my bed room because that's where i spend most of my time XD

also, how old is he? if hes a older pig and the breeder you got him from had a lot of piggies then hes prob not well socialized. how long have you had him? if you just got him today leave him alone. he needs time to adjust to his surroundings. let him get used to you but just putting you hand into the cage and talk to him. let him know your voice. its vary frustrating trust me XD my Riley who was barley socialized when i got her took be almost a year to get fully confy with me being around. trust me its worth it! now when i pet her she closes her eyes (my one and only pig iv ever owned that showed emotion to that extent). something eals is that he my not like veggies yet XD if the breeder you got him from only feed him pellets and hay then he might not know what it is and know that its food XD... yummy food XD also maybe look into getting a friend for him after he gets acclimated and used to you. life with a friend by your side is always better! XD

anyways! hope that helps and welcome to the forum! hope to see pigtures soon!
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