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Slave to the Piggybutts


New Member
Cavy Slave
Nov 21, 2011
I did a three hour round trip recently and adopted the two little girls advertised as looking for a home here! I thought I may as well introduce myself as they have now settled in and are doing well.

My name is Sky, I'm 23yrs old and a Brit who is now living in San Antonio, Texas. I used to own three rescued male piggybutts years back called Fox, Badger and Otter. Fox and Otter lived together in a 6x6 C&C cage and Badger lived on his own (he hated other pigs) in his own 6x6 cage. Yeah, they were pretty comfy cavies!

I miss them, but I now have two new additions to my household, I renamed them, they are now called Panda and (Kanga)Roo. They are in a 5x2 C&C cage, I added an additional 1x1 area as the hay-zone because I dislike hay getting onto the fleece bedding so now they have a whole area dedicated to it and hay doesn't get everywhere. I will take photos when I get a chance!

Outside of piggybutts, I am a huge gamer, a parent to one little boy who has CP and I own fish (6 Giant Danio, 6 Tiger Barbs, 1 African Featherfin Catfish, 1 Hifin Pleco) in a 100 gallon freshwater tank. I also recently discovered a bunch of baby snails in the tank so they are now having a chance at life in a 25 gallon tank on my computer desk!

What else.. I enjoy anime/manga/graphic novels/sci-fi malarky and can be found relaxing on Xbox 360 in the evenings.

Nice to meet you all! ❤️
Nice to meet you! Congratulations on your new babies! sounds like they will have a very good home with you!
I think secretly we all love to play games every now and again at least. My pigs love sitting with me when I play my games.
But can't wait to see the pictures!!
Aw! I saw those guys advertised on the Austin Craig's List. I'm glad to know they found a good home. =)

Welcome to the forum!
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