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Behavior Skittish?


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Nov 6, 2011
I have two guinea pigs I got about 8 days ago.
The first few days, Lily was fine.
But now, shes so skittish!
Before you used to be able to pet her, now she runs away; even if I'm feeding her.
She's also been so loud. Whenever I pick her up she squeals so much. She's fine when holding her but when I start petting her she keeps making noises.

I don't know if this matters, but she's been eating so much. Whenever i go into the room, there's no hay left. I don't think she's letting the other girl eat.
^ they do get along, though. Other than some igloo-territory disagreements.

Why so skittish?
I had the same thing happen to me when I got my pigs. I just thought that maybe it was an instinct thing. I thought maybe they don't run because they think staying still will confuse the predator. But then when they figure out that YOU are the 'predator' and that it's OK to run away and they won't be chased or eaten, they do so because they aren't quite used to you yet... If it's any consolation, my ppigs don't run away so much now - you just have to spend time with them so they get used to your scent and your presence... My girls seem to like me most when my hands smell like the veges in the fridge :)
Yes, she's acting more normal now. Most guinea pigs don't like to be petted or touched while in their cage.

As for making noises when being petted in your lap, does she act like it's painful? There's always a possibility she has mites--guinea pigs with mites don't like to be touched. Also, what's her hair type? Lots of pigs don't like being petted or brushed against the way the hair grows.
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