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Diet Skinny pigs eat a lot of roughage


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Apr 15, 2012
We have some skinny pigs and they seem to eat a lot of grass hay. They also eat their cardboard TP rolls. They are not overweight but they seem to constantly be chewing on stuff.
Is there any harm in gp's eating cardboard tp rolls? How many are they allowed per week? LOL Snowy devoured one the other day but I haven't let him have any more because I was worried.
There is nothing wrong with eating lots of hay! That is what is needed for a healthy diet and to keep their teeth trimmed.
I go through a crazy amount of hay with 6 skinny pigs.
What is the temperature of their room?
I would cut out the TP rolls if they are just eating them.
I give my guys hay mats, timothy carrots or hay blocks in their cages for boredom breakers, all are from Oxbow.
@cibrown, guinea pigs need long strand grass hay all the time, and lots of it. That's what keeps their molars ground down (thereby saving you much money in dental bills) and their guts moving. They do constantly chew -- mine even chew their water!

I'm not so sure about the cardboard TP rolls. One of the posters, either here or at GL, contacted Kimberly Clark about their TP rolls, and was told that the glue is definitely not edible-quality glue, and that KC didn't recommend it.

I feed my pigs on plain paper plates -- no plastic or wax coating -- and they occasionally nibble the edges. Since it's just basically cellulose, I don't worry much about it, but I do remove the plates if they seem like they're overdoing it.
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