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Skin Problems Skin Issues


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Jan 13, 2012
I have a 2.5 year old texel/teddy mix girl gp. I have been doing deep research through all the posts I can find on dry skin, and itching problems. I have also searched google. I am having a hard time finding the exact information I need.

Carliee has been very itchy the past month. I recently noticed that the hair on the middle of her back is very short from where her nails dig in it and cut it. I did some more rooting around her hair this afternoon and found that she has some spots where she is missing a little bit of hair. Her skin is extremely dry and flaky. I have very bad eye sight, but I used a magnify glass to see if I could find any fleas or bugs and I saw none.

My question is.... How would I know the difference from mites/bug, or just simply issues with dry skin? From what I researched teddy breed of gp have dry skin issues. I don't want to jump the gun and bring her into my vet for something as simple as finding a way to moisturize her skin. I don't want to stress her out with the trip if i am overacting.

Edit - I took a break when my friend showed up to have her look at her and give me her opinion. We found this underneath her hair on her shoulder from where she is scratching so much. We put Triple Ointment on it that's why it looks wet. Thinking tomorrow I will take her to the vet. I feel so bad for my baby.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Skin Issues[GuineaPigCages.com] Skin Issues[GuineaPigCages.com] Skin Issues
To me, that look like fungus, though I would take her to the vet asap to get a real diagnosis. You can also visit the guinealynx to find out more about fungus, mites, and other possible causes, and see if you find any that match.
Looks like a fungus to me, too. I've had a lot of teddies and have found they are prone to dry skin so it's best not to bathe them unless you have to. They need regular, brisk brushing to keep their fur looking nice. Their fur is so coarse, I think their skin doesn't get a lot of air circulation so they can get flaky skin. If you keep brushing it, you get all the dead skin off and their fur looks healthier.
Her skin is so dry everywhere. Her entire body is flaky. I feel so bad for her. I wasn't worried until I found the spot on her side this evening. Her hair is so thick. I even trimmed it this morning and brushed it and didn't even see this spot. You are right @pinky they don't get a lot of air circulation because of all the hair. About 5 weeks ago my friend babysat her while I was gone for a whole day. She let her play in the kitchen on the tile. She didn't think to put a towel on the floor. She dragged her hair through pee so I had to give her a bath. Her hair has always been dry and rough. I guess a vet visit is a must for tomorrow.
My two teddys have lots of problems with dry hair. They both have to be brushed each day, they have tons of dandruff, and they shed bucks full of hair, though they have never had any problems with hair loss...just shedding.
Yes, Carliee sheds badly. I was told not to brush her because she has texel in her and she didn't need to. But if it will help keep her skin cleaner I will try anything. Do you think she could have gotten a fungus infection from scratching over dry skin and making an open wound?
I went out and bought some monastat 7 cream that guinealynx told me to use. If it doesn't look better in the morning I am going to take her to her appointment.
I'm not really sure how she would be able to get it, you'll have to look into that more. I only guessed that it may be fungus, because I have been looking into the symptoms of things guinea pigs can get, because I will be getting two more that may be very sick, and I want to keep an eye out for anything that they may have. :)
My friends think I am crazy for caring about my piggy so much. I think they are crazy for not understanding why I care so much. I too do a LOT of research on everything in general. I research every single thing before I buy it, and everything that would help me give my animals the best care possible. That is very awesome that you are going to take in sick pigs. You will be their second chance. They are very lucky!
After doing extreme research on fungus after you guys mentioned it...I am pretty sure that is what it is. The cream won't hurt her if it is not fungus. Tomorrow morning I am going to Southern States to get some medicine for mites just to be on the safe side. I will have to figure out something to add to her diet to help her skin. If some of the redness doesn't go away by tomorrow afternoon I will take her to the vet for the appointment. But I know they will charge me a fortune to test her for mites, and then treat it if it is. I read that mite treatment is completely harmless. Why not treat her to just be on the safe side and save some vet expense. I can imagine it's going to be pricy enough just for the visit, and the treatment of the fungus alone. But she is well worth the money!
Yeah, I'm not 100% sure I will be able to get them yet, but it's pretty close to that. xD They come from a place that knows next to nothing about guinea pigs. It was the typical case of a kid getting a guinea pigs because they "Reallyyyyy need one and will take great care of it!" Then five minuets later they don't care about them anymore. From what I've heard, they never even got names. I'm guessing that they are the typical store bought pigs, in a store bought cage, with bad colorful nutty food, no hay or vegs, etc. So I'm guessing they will have a few medical problems, and I want to make sure that I catch them all. It wouldn't be too good if I didn't catch something, and I introduce them to my other four pigs, only to find out that now they all six of them have it.

Good luck with your piggy! Hope all goes well!
It makes me so mad how people treat small animals. Especially the parents, they should know better. It is so awful. I hope you get them :( Poor things deserve much better.

The swelling has gone down and it's flat, but it's still there. I may try to wait until Monday and see if another day makes a bigger difference. I bought the mite medicine from Southern States this morning and put it behind her ears. I am hoping things turn the corner for her and she feels better. My poor baby. She sure is getting very spoiled though.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Skin Issues
I would not put monistat or other cream on an open wound like that.

What was the medicine you got for mites?
I got the monistat from guinealynx website. It's actually not an open wound. The black part is her skin thats bald, and the red part is a welt looking thing on her light pink skin. Do you think I should wipe it off?

Ivomec 1% sterile solution. I haven't put it on her yet because I need to go buy a syringe that does 1ml and smaller.
I just put .05cc of the ivermectin on her. I can't believe that stuff was $37 dollars, and I used a tiny little dot of it haha
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