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Info Site/forum upgrade this weekend!


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Cavy Slave
Jan 3, 2004
We're starting the site migration midday Sunday (roughly). The forum will be turned off when we start.

Hoping for the best, but, I expect it to take me into Monday, possibly Tuesday to get things presentable and functioning enough to turn it back on.

I'll try to keep you posted via a notice when we get started.

It's DRAMATICALLY different, so hold on to your piggy hats and I hope we enjoy this journey together!!

Many articles won't be 'pretty' yet. And some functionality of new data won't be fleshed out yet. Too much to do all at once. But, we'll finally be able maintain good and current content, whether articles, resource lists, or forum content.


Your custom avatars will port over. But if you chose one of the stock images, they will be randomly reassigned to a new one. The old ones were just too low quality to move. Super easy to pick a new one though or reload your own.

Profile posts

None will be ported over and at this time, I don't intend to turn those back on.
What are the profile posts?
When you click on yours or some other members profile page, people can post comments there. They are public, but you have to be on the profile to read them. They are hard to moderate, don't add much value, especially lately, and are one of the top targets for spammers. I may reconsider on the new site later. We'll see.
Ah I see. Thank you!
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