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Simon.....I'm sorry. I love you buddy.

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Guinea Pig Papa

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May 12, 2015
My little fuzzle, my little man with big attitude . Fluffy Beans. The Incredible Shrunken Wheekmonster.

My heart is absolutely ruined. He had been fighting an infection in his ear for about a month. He was currently on his second round of antibiotics. He was having a rough time, but nothing to indicate this.

He was at the vet just 5 days ago, where x-rays were done. Nothing was critical. He was to go back for a recheck on Thursday. But last night, he started to decline.

This morning he seemed a bit better, but he was having difficulty walking. His appetite seemed fine. He ate his entire pepper slice, albeit very slowly. at 9:45 a.m. he was standing at the bars, wanting a treat. He had a few mandarin segments and he was pretty happy about that. And then...... he declined very, very rapidly.

By 11:30 a.m. he was gone. He spent his last hour on my chest being snuggled, being told how much he was loved. Today would have been my stepmothers birthday, she passed away in June. I can only hope that she came here today to take him with her and keep him safe.

Simon............there is so much to say. You were such a tiny little pig, and you had the biggest personality I've ever seen. This is so wrong.

I love you, Beans. Nothing will ever change that. I hope you find peace at the Rainbow Bridge with all of your Rainbow brothers coming to greet you. I will carry on here, with Leo. He already misses you.

Rest in Wheeks, Simon. I'm so, so very sorry I couldn't save you.


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My condolences, I’m so sorry you lost Simon. Your guinea pigs have the best of everything, and Simon had a wonderful life with you.

Ear infections can be so serious and yet the symptoms are deceiving. I lost my little Gidget to ear and upper respiratory infections that would get better, then return with a vengeance.

My heart goes out to you, take care.
My most heartfelt condolences, @Guinea Pig Papa for the loss of Simon. I remember when Simon joined your family and enjoyed reading about him and Leo over the last few years.

Please take care of yourself during this difficult time.
I'm so sorry.
We lost our pig yesterday too. The grief is real. I woke up thinking about her first thing this morning.
Thank you, everyone. As I said he was sick, yes, but he was fighting until literally the final moment.

I took him in for cremation today and had a conversation with his vet tech. She was very upset, as she loved Simon too. All the girls at his vet did. Whenever he was in for observation he would run around and play with them, and give them all snuggles and kisses. He was a ladies man.

His vet tech seems to think his heart simply gave out. He should not have been eating the way he was that morning and the fact that he was, she feels, means he was still fighting and wanting to live. His poor little body had other ideas.

I have brought home another boy, who was posted on local want ads for free. I had to bring him home or he would have wound up as snake food. I will introduce him in time, but right now Leos needs come first. My heart hurts incredibly badly, too badly for another pig right now but Leo needs a friend.
Finally, he's home.


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