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URI/Upper Respiratory Infection *sigh*


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Mar 16, 2012
She's not getting any better. It's been a full week since Korra has been started on Bactrim. My vet informed me to treat twice daily. Korra isn't getting any worse, but she isn't getting any better. It's like shes frozen in this state. She does her sneezes once or twice a day(I've seen her sneeze now). She still runs around, (she's running another marathon now) she eats, drinks. Everything about her is normal but the small amount of crust on her nose/a few sneezes throughout the day.

I'm not sure what to think. I almost question, does she really NOT have URI? If she doesn't, then what in the world is making her sneeze?! Hay has little to no dust. Both girls are on fleece. I upped their pellet brand/there is no dust in that. Lady isn't sneezing and doesn't have a crusty nose. Both girls are still slightly gaining weight.

ETA: my vet also informed me that if Korra doesn't improve by the end of these treatment she'll have another plan. My issue with this is, I don't want to put too much antibiotics in her. Too much may do more harm than good. She's on probiotics right now as well.
What bedding are your pigs on? If it's fleece, what are you using to wash it? I had this exact problem with Noah - just sneezing though, no nose crust or anything. It turned out he was either allergic to hay dust or washing powder (my Mum got me a better hay rack for the time being and I started washing their fleece with vinegar rather than washing powder). He now sneezes only occasionally when I'm holding him so I'm guessing it's washing powder that does it (my clothes). And he was on a 10 day course of Bactrim, which I ended up giving him for 14 days following a lot of advice that it might knock the problem out of him.
Mine have been sneezy lately, but I think it's because we're moving and stirring up dust (I'm sneezing like crazy, too). Do you think it might be your detergent doing it?
I highly doubt it is the detergent. If it was, then she'd be sneezing since the day they were put into the fleece. By that time I had been using the fleece for a month/using the same detergent. And they've been with us....2 months?
I kinda forgot to update this thread, but my vet decided that since Korra is gaining weight(was at 672gms at check up) she is attempting Baytril twice a day for 2 weeks.

Despite all this, Korra deffinately looks much bigger than the day we got her.
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