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Jan 3, 2012
Found this ad on KSL while looking for a travelling cage for my guineas...posted today

Hardy Guinea Pigs- text please

$ 30 each as they have been raised for our winters and not cocooned indoors.
This colony of guinea pigs have been outdoors all this time, in a rabbit cage with a board under foot and a plastic dome I found at DI's overhead, and a heating lamp to share between two cages, upper and lower , so it was not very strong, and a blanket over the front to block out the chilly winds, they did great!
I had several litters throughout the cold season, and now I have babies to sell, some of those are even pregnant I think. They make a great backyard livestock

I didn't post her phone number...but yeah ...loving the last sentence. So...are you raising Guinea Pigs are actual farm pigs? How horrible.
Was this a craiglist ad? If so, post it in the "Flag Breeder Ads" forum and we can all flag the post for breaking craiglist rules.
No ot was on ksl.com classifids. Ill flag it
Well not finding a flag but this lady needs to be stopped
The best thing I could suggest is contacting your local authority and reporting her for animal cruelty.

You have her phone number, so maybe if you call and sound like an interested buyer you could get an address to hand over.

Best of Luck
Well i sent her a message and asked for pictures
That's a good start. If you sends them to you, then you can give photo eveidence to the authorities. Your local SPCA or Humane Society would probably be your best point of contact. If nothing else, they could point you in the right direction.
Yeah she won't send, she just keeps asking "How many ya want?" I contacted the SPCA in the area and he said if I'm able to provide pictures showing harsh living conditions then they can go from there, but the Provo, UT area would be who would need to verify how many she can keep on the property. But in SPCA aspect they said she can keep them outside if she has a place to keep them, so until I have pictures nothing I can do :(

just makes me mad to see her put it as "great backyard live stock"
If you live nearby, you can go over there to pretend interest in them and take pictures of the conditions. You can tell her you arent sure about which ones to take and your husband/family wants pictures to help them choose.
A quick google gave me another ad for the same person.
(broken link removed)

That is depressing.
Well she's about an hour away from me. She only has her phone number listed and I just sent her another message to try and pry how many she has in all since she's claiming "Colony" but she won't respond anymore. So not sure. If anyone wants to see her actually add it's on KSL.com under classifieds and then just search "Guinea Pigs"
Try texting her?
Well if she wants people to buy her pigs, she has to give them her address at some point. Shes not going to ship the pigs, I hope!
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