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URI/Upper Respiratory Infection *sigh* Possible URIs


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Oct 24, 2012
A couple days ago, Epona started sneezing. At first I said that I would wait a day or two, because the hay that day had been a little dusty and I didn't want to jump to conclusions. This morning I wake up to hear her cough 3 times.
Great. So now that I didn't seperate her and she most likely has one, my other 2 pigs might as well.
I've never had to go to the vet with a pig but will be making my appointment for tommorow, and I was just wondering what exactly it entails? Do they listen to their breathing? I already found out it's going to be 40 $ just for the visit and when the next opening will be. Any idea on what kind of questions she'll ask me? The office called her their "guinea pig vet" so I'm assuming she's savvy. I was also referred to her by 2 vets and a vet tech, my Aunt, so I'm not worried about that.
When my guinea pig had a URI, the vet (a cavy savvy one that I trust) looked in my piggies eyes, ears, looked for any crust on eyes/nose and listened to her breathing. The vet also asked what diet, hay bedding etc. my piggy was on and gave me antibiotics as well as probiotics. My piggie got better quick and I seperated her as soon as I saw the symptoms and my other piggy didn't catch it :) I would take your other piggies to the vet just in case, but 40 $ is worth it so you know your pigs are safe (Also, i'm in the UK so i'm not sure if I got the dollar sign right :p) Hope your piggy gets better! :)
Oh I'm not complaining about the bill, I had just never looked into it. How long did it take for the pig to get better? And thanks
My pig was only in the early stages in the URI so we stopped it before it could get worse, but most URIs take from 2 weeks onwards. It's different in every pig, my guinea took about 3 weeks to become completley clear of it. The first round of medication knocks the infection pretty hard, so the URI will start to fade gradually through the medication :)
Here's info on what to expect at the office and URI:

If you are able, grab a quick movie of sneezing, coughing on your phone and bring along. Pigs can look perfectly healthy when the pressure is on, and anything to help the vet diagnose properly is advantageous.

Do you weigh your pigs weekly? If yes, bring along weight info and any changes. Also bring along weights/ages of the other pigs. Let your vet know they have been housed together. If the one is sick, she may give you medicine for all three, or may have you quarantine and monitor the others closely.

Hoping for a speedy recovery!
Thanks so much, all of this is so scary to me!
I know we'll all get through this though and I'm just thankful to my parents who put up with my zoo and all my vet bills lol
Don't be scared :) I hope your piggie gets better soon.
Haha pigs just seem so delicate to me, I'm used to rottweilers! Me too, thanks!
Write down all of your questions ahead of time and bring with. It's much less scary that way.

If it's a respiratory infection, she will prescribe antibiotics. Also ask questions about hand feeding, just in case it is necessary. I had a piggie not wanting to eat much as soon as the antibiotic kicked in, but my vet had prepared me with what to do. A feeding syringe and some canned pumpkin or critical care is good just to have on hand if needed at all for hand feeding.

For any sick piggie, weigh them daily at the same time. You can then really monitor that they are eating enough and not losing weight.
I would ask your vet for 3cc needle-less syringes in case you need to hand feed. Also for some extra 1cc needle-less syringes because in my experience the numbers rub off and the rubber bit gets difficult to move. Its good your taking her to the vet so promptly. Lots of Luck.
I actually have one, but I will ask for extras. Thanks!
I would ask your vet for 3cc needle-less syringes in case you need to hand feed. Also for some extra 1cc needle-less syringes because in my experience the numbers rub off and the rubber bit gets difficult to move. Its good your taking her to the vet so promptly. Lots of Luck.
Haha pigs just seem so delicate to me, I'm used to rottweilers! Me too, thanks!

Aha, I love all animals but guinea pigs just make me want to cuddle them all day! Also, have you taken your piggie to the vet yet? How is he? :)
I have to wonder if my pig has a uri, I'm always so paranoid. Her weight is fine though.
@madelineelaine = me constantly.

OKAY, THE VERDICT. or diagnoses...whichever.
So, after 3 hours of waiting and worrying and 53 dollars,
Babe (I don't know why I called her Epona...totally different animal of mine) had a weakened immune system because of her pregnancy and we caught it early enough so it won't spread to my herd. *knocks on wood*
She got weighed, perfect angel, stayed still. Got her temp taken, didn't make a peep. The tech said they usually scream and I am ao proud of my little trooper. She even let them hold her on her back to listen to her vitals. Vet asked all sorts of things and when her and her tech walked out of the room I heard, "That was awesome, you don't see people who know how to take care of their pigs that well that often. Especially not a minor." So I just want to thank you guys and say that that's a compliment to all of us, what great owners we are! ;)
She takes 0.3 mL of Cephalexin, twice a day. I was kind of expecting doxycyline, and will be doing research on this antibiotic.

It was a great visit, and since the exotic vet was in we got to see a monkey. :D
STOP THE MEDICATION IMMEDIATELY. Cephalexin is on the dangerous medications list--

Contact your vet to make sure he/she didn't make a mistake and write down the wrong medication.

About URIs--most often they are not passed on to other guinea pigs. Usually by the time you've discovered that one pig is sick the others have already been exposed anyway. Occasionally other pigs in the group will be sick, but if you monitor carefully you can discover it right away and start medication.
Call the vet if they are open and let them know.

Do you have some Critical Care on hand? If your pig stops eating you will need to start hand-feeding right away. Keep a close eye on her.
I would call the vet back and tell them it's not okay for the pigs to have. I would request another.

Did they say she has a URI or is it precautionary.
Oh jeez. They're not open. I'll call first thing in the morning. They only have one 'guinea pigs vet' and she was reccomended, I am at a loss for words about how worried I am right now...
She said it's kind of early but she thinks it is one and it's basically precautionary
You might want to go over to Guinea Lynx and do some research to see what kind of problems occurred with giving Cephalexin to pigs. You could start a thread over there, too.
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