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Dominance *sigh* It think they finally settled who's boss...


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Apr 27, 2011
It took almost a week, half of that living beside each other in separate cages, and a few real good battles last night, but all three of the boys are living together w/o teeth chattering and rolling on the floor fur ball flyin' fights.

Both of them have some battle scars and I think a health respect for each other, but Mr. Dad came out of top.

I do feel bad for GB, he was here first, but that's not the way they work and it's all good.

Darwin was running around, popcorning all morning and the other boys were up in the loft, laying beside each other, well, with a few inches apart.

Gumball looks a little afraid of Mr. D so I'm keeping a close watch on his weight, but so far, so good...
1 week! Oh my! Thats good! My guineas took 2 months! There still not the bestest of friends, but they live together in a 2x5 cage, looking foward to getting another soon!
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