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Shouldn't Cilantro be Fed Moderately?


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Jan 6, 2005
I have notice in many postings that people are feeding Cilantro on a daily basis. If I am not mistaken, Cilantro is an herb of the Parsley family. Isn't this one of the foods we should use sparingly?
No. Cilantro is fine to feed daily, but I forget why. I know it contains less of something, calcium maybe? Personnally I have never had any problems with feeding parsley daily.
Cilantro is an herb that is fine for daily use. Parsley contains high levels of calcium that can cause stones, whereas cilantro does not. Cilantro is a member of the carrot family and does resemble flat italian parsley. Parsley and Cilantro are related, but not exactly in the same family. Cilantro is the leaf of the Corriander plant and has long been known to aid in the digestive system and contains anti-bacterial agents. Even my exotic vet said that you can give them cilantro as much as you want. It does not cause any adverse side effects like parsley. Hope this helps!!
I thought cilantro and coriander are the same?
I grow cilantro/corriander at home and it's a very cool plant. The leaves of the plant are cilantro, when the plant matures, it gets these little balls on it (seeds). These seeds are corriander. Two herbs, one plant - gotta love it!
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It helps alot, Thanks. They love cilantro and now I can give it to them every day. Thanks again.
I've found absolutely nothing wrong with cilantro. In fact if I was asked for the closest veggie to perfect to feed a guinea pig my answer would be cilantro. The calcium:phosphorous ratio is almost perfect(slightly too low in calcium actually), a pretty good level of vit c, low oxalic acid content... It's nothing like parsley or carrots nutritionally.
Piglet said:
I thought cilantro and coriander are the same?

We refer to the leaf as coriander over here too don't we, rather than just the seed? For years I've grown it to use in cooking but never thought of giving it to them (because I used it in spicy foods I guess), yet always wondered what the marvellous cilantro stuff all the US piggy owners were talking about was! And then one day it clicked...
Yes, we call the leaf coriander. Its used in Indian cooking a lot, and since Im indian we always have a couple of bunches every week. They love it and its so cheap!
Aaah it's making up for the £15 cosy!
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