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Upper Levels should i keep my upper level?

Sl and S

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Cavy Slave
Feb 16, 2012
So my upper level is becoming a pain. It makes it impossible for me to get my gpigs out bc every time i try to get them out the run up under the upper level. could I make it a 1x1 or would that be toi small for their hay?
I've tried a 1x1, it is too small. You could move the loft to the side of the cage so that there is no space under it. I will try and find a picture for you.

I had the same problem and modified my cage this way. It works well!
Here is a picture:
I like that design. That way you have some storage under the loft.
I had a 1x2 upper level in my 2x5 and finally removed it. They hid in there all the time and it was a pain to clean. If they spent more time up there, I might have kept it but they liked to go under it more than on it. Mine are a lot more active with one large space.
My cages have 1.5 x 2's and they work perfectly. Enough space for two pigs to be up there without being ontop of each other, and just small enough so that I can reach under the upper level to get to the back corners of the lower level. I've tried 2x2's and couldn't get to the back of the lower level and a 1x2 was to small for two pigs to be in at the same time. Maybe try that?
i have 3 piga by the way.
could i keep the 2x3 and move it over to where only 1x2 will be in the cage a 2x2 will be hanginf off? how would i hold it up though?
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