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Want a Guinea Pig(s) Should I get another one?


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Mar 14, 2011
So I have two boars, Harper and Scout. Scout is 2 or 3 years old while Harper is 3 months old. They live in a 3x3 cage, with 12.25 sq. feet and a 1x3 kitchen level. They get along splendidly.
Over spring break while I am home, I am considering adopting another boar. I sometimes think that while Scout certainly tolerates Harper's babyness, maybe each would be happier if I got a 1 year old piggy who has energy to play with Harper and will give Scout a break. This could just be me giving human attributes to my piggies, but I would love to see them with a new pal!
I would use their travel cage to quarantine the new boy, which is a baby's Pack-N-Play, given to me by another piggy person who used it the same way. Water bottle, feeder and hay rack are all secured with zip ties to the side of the Pack-N-Play. It fits two piggies easily.
I am in college and while I do go to class Monday through Friday, I am gone for 4 hours at the most and then I return home to my piggies, who live in their cage in my bedroom.
With my current lifestyle, should I consider getting another boy?
I do not have room to expand their cage from a 3x3, is this big enough? The cage measures 12.25 square feet. I know it says on the website that 13 square feet is preferred, but has anyone else had 3 piggies in a 3x3 with problems?

Thank you for your help!
My vote is no, not to live with the two you have. There are several reasons for my answer.

One, you've got a pair who get along well. If you try to add a third, you may break that bond, and wind up with three pigs who can't stand each other. There's absolutely no guarantee that three will get along, especially when you're trying to add a boar to a bonded pair of boars.

Two, the baby hasn't really hit adolescence yet, and you have no idea how well these two will get along in three months time, or in a year's time. You may wind up having to separate them because they can't stand each other.

Three, I don't think you don't have enough room in your cage to add a boar. A 3x3 might work if the boars had grown up together and were settled, or if they were neutered. If it were me, there's no way I'd try to add a third boar to a pair already in a 3x3 cage.

Four, guinea pigs don't play together much -- they're independent of each other. They do interact, but not usually when they're playing. There are some exceptions to that, of course, but generally speaking, it's true.
If you can't expand I wouldn't do it. You never know exactly how things are going to go down. I had 3 boars that got along great and added a 4th, everyone seemed to get along wonderfully, even cuddled!, then my top pig got an abscess and it upset the whole balance. The top pig wasn't acting completely himself and the subordinates took the chance to challenge him. Now I have two groups of two separated because one pig was injured with a deep gash to his bum. Once everyone is healed I will expand the cage and reintroduce. I'm hoping for a good outcome since they use to get along just like the grew up together. Only time will tell.
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