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Bonding Should I get a second guinea pig?


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Nov 14, 2011
I got my piggy Petunia today but read they should be in pairs. Should I get a second guinea pig or would she be fine single? I know someone has a pair of girls for sale close to me that are a little younger than her I believe.
They're herd animals, and are happier with a piggy friend. But you need to see if you have enough room to add others. See the Home page on this site for recommended cage sizes, and read Guinea Pigs Social Life on Introductions -- it's about halfway down the page.
Yes! They love buddies! I had Eddy Pig for a few months before getting him a buddy, Ben, and once I got him a buddy a whole new pig came out! He was so much happier. He hopped and ran around, the two of them are so much fun to watch interacting. The biggest change with Eddy Pig was he started to squeak when I got him he was so sick and abused that he barely made a sound. You should defiantly get her a buddy!
Does it matter if I get a guinea pig with hair or should she be kept with another skinny pig?
With skinnys you have to be careful of their skin. It can be scratched easily. They also get cold easy so you have to have extra cuddle cups for them so they stay warm.

My daughter had skinny rats. She had a huge rat palace that she had for about 5+ rats. We had to do skin checks on him daily. To make sure he didn't scratch himself or get scratched.
He lived very well with the other rats. They too like to live with friends.

Petunia would probably love a friend. I don't think hair or skinny would matter. I would wait until you can have the c&c cage of the proper size. The petstore cage is to small for 2 rats.

At some shelters/rescues you can do dates so just the right match can be made.
I will be waiting until the C&C cage arrives before getting another so I can use the superpet cage as a quarantine cage. I don't think there are any shelters or rescues around here. I live in a tiny town and there is not much around here.
If you go to Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder, put in "small and furry" for the animal and "guinea pig" for the breed, you'll come up with several pigs in Wisconsin. Or you can look on craigslist or kijiji. But please rescue a pig from a GP rescue or a shelter rather than buying one.
I did search Petfinder but they are all pretty far away (closest one is 2 hours away). I got Petunia off of craigslist from someone that did not take care of her so I will keep looking on craigslist for another that needs a home. I will also keep checking Petfinder to see if any new pigs are put on that are closer to me.
You should do your best to get a friend for Petunia! I introduced my girls this weekend and I have never seen either of them so happy! They are constantly purring and popcorning. I couldn't believe what a difference it makes in their happiness and personality. Now I spend most of my day after work just watching them play.
If you see one on Petfinder you like, you should contact the rescue regardless of the distance. Most rescues don't have a building with an address where the piggies are kept -- they're usually spread out in foster homes. A rescue that's a hundred miles from you may have a foster in your town. At the very least, they might be willing to meet you halfway.
You can also try putting a want ad on craigslist for a guinea pig.
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