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Want a Guinea Pig(s) Should I get a Boy or a Girl?


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May 19, 2012
What are the advantages and disadvantages of sows and boars?
I dont know very much about sows.
I have boars myself and I love them. I see people talking about boar glue and grease glands. The only gross thing I have experienced so far is "boar stank."
I hear that boys need a big cage so they dont fight over the space. I've had my boys in the same cage for a week now and it's a 2x4 grid cage. I haven't seen a fight yet.
Sorry I don't have very much information.
There are pros and cons to each, but generally I saw just go with whichever one you fall in love with. I have both, and there isn't too much difference. My girls took longer to bond with, but I think it's a myth that girls aren't as cuddly. Mine will just pancake right out and lick you to death. My boys are less shy though, and less likely to run when I come over to the cage. I think it's best for people who's never had pigs before to go with female, because then you don't have to deal with cleaning boarly parts.
Just my opinion, please excuse all the I's I used.
Not surprisingly, this is a question we see a lot. The truth is, it has more to do with an individual pig's personality, than gender and people have different experiences with it.

Yes males have boar stank (only occasionally). You also have the perineal sac clean out and sometimes boar glue stuck in fur but with enough room, males usually can at least tolerate each other despite the common myth that males will always fight.

I can't speak for sows as I've only ever had boars but like I said, it really has more to do with the personality of the pigs.
Well said. :p
I should have went into explaining more.
I experienced "boar stank" because I was introducing my second ever pair of males. My first pair had no problem at all. No stinkyness or anything.

So I guess whatever pig speaks to you is the right choice. How much effort won't matter when you see them popcorn for the first time or hear thier first week. It's all worth it.
We have one boar and one sow. The boar's neutered and the sow is spayed. Both were adopted from a local guinea pig rescue. If you're fortunate enough to have a guinea pig rescue close enough, this may be an option. Like the Cavy Spirit Guinea Pigs Social Life page suggests, two pigs are better than one - if you're able to swing it. And as always provide enough space by a cage large enough or even free-ranging.

Any combination of sexes can work - it all depends on personalities like others have said. With out most recent pairing, we let our sow Cutie Pie pick her new friend at the rescue. As for cuddliness we've have cuddly sows and boars - again it depends on the individual pig.

Another advantage of a neutered boar - the manly parts need less maintenance.

Hope this rambly post helps.
I also have a neutered boar and one sow, so I can give a little bit of information on both sexes.

Griffin, my boar, is very sweet and loud when he wants to be! He is the dominant pig, but he is more timid around people. Toni is more outgoing than Griffin, though she is a little bit more hesitant to be picked up. However, after she has actually been picked up she is fine.

I do like that Griffin is neutered; he doesn't like being picked up, but I like it a lot more than he does since I don't have manly parts to deal with, if you catch my drift.

Overall, I agree with most everyone else in saying that it really depends on the individual pigs. If you are using Petfinder.com (which I highly recommend!) it will show you pigs near you. I set out to adopt a boar duo, but then decided on Griffin and Toni. From what I've heard, a lot of owners don't adopt their first choice. I say just go with what feels right to you, and what the rescue recommends.
Bump! :D Thanks for answering everyone! Can someone give me a list of pros and cons as far as stench and stuff goes???? THANKS!
I have two boys and i think they're the sweetest things!!!
I originally wanted girls but i fell in love as soon as a saw jagger <3
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