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Canada Shipping Ivermectin From the US to Canada?


Cavy Slave
Jun 13, 2014

This is my first post in the forum, but I've been browsing around for a couple weeks now, and decided to see if anyone had any input for a question I have. I'm looking to buy (broken link removed) (for obvious reasons), and I noticed that this particular one is being sold from the US, so I was just wondering if anyone has had any issues in getting ivermectin from the US to Canada -- like from customs?

The shipping price doesn't bother me too much since they've cut the price in half anyway, so it'll come to ~$40 regardless, but I've little experience regarding customs and things like that and am researching it as well. I'm probably going to end up ordering it anyway, since getting the paste and preparing it seems a little more difficult/prone to error (for me) and my guinea pig's been scratching a lot for quite a while, and it's most likely cheaper than spending another $96 on a visit to a vet that won't really end up helpful.

But if anyone does know if there's an issue with getting it shipped across the border, let me know & thanks for your time!
Ooh, I completely overlooked checking the other sellers option. I was on Amazon Canada, but the one that appeared was sold from a US merchant, for some reason. Either way, thank you very much for pointing that out!
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