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She might die..


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Nov 6, 2011
went to the vet today & found out my little Zoey has phenomia.
It is a very severe case, and she probably will not live.
We're doing te force eating, and medication.
She hates it.

I don't think she has long..
Please hope and pray that she lives.

She's only about four months old,
I can't bare to see her go so young.<|3
Weigh daily while hand feeding to ensure that she is keeping her weight on. Give her lots of love, work with the hand feeding, and best of luck!

How much does she currently weigh? Is she taking to the hand feeding at all?

If you have any questions or need any help/suggestions, let us know!
about a week ago, she weighed 350 grams.
Now, she weighs 346 grams.
She refuses to eat ANY kind of food,
so we try and force feed her.

I'm so sorry. I wouldn't give up on her but make sure you're hand feeding and giving the meds. Some guinea pigs really fight you at first when you hand feed but they get used to it and actually grab the syringe to have more. I like to add some baby food carrots or squash to the Critical Care to give it a better flavor to entice them to eat. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.
Ditto what Pinky said about the baby food. I have also used freshly juiced veggies (we have a juicer) instead of water to mix the critical care. Don't give up! You and your piggie are in my thoughts.
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Sending healing thoughts to Zoey!
You are in my prayers!
Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you. Do hope she does better. Keep us posted.
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Hope today is going better!
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