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Teeth Sharp long teeth.


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Jan 10, 2012
I had Qunicy out doing lap time tonight and he yawned and he exposed very long teeth. What can I buy or do to dull and or shorten his teeth?
Pigs have long teeth, it's quite impressive when you actually see them yawn.

If you are worried he has overgrown teeth/molars, you will need to visit a good cavy savvy exotics vet, knowledgeable in guinea pigs teeth to file them down and get to the bottom of why they've overgrown. What keeps their teeth down is hay, which needs to be unlimited, up to around 80% of their diet should be a good quality grass hay which they munch on up to 21 hours a day.

A sign of overgrown teeth is eating less, and because of this weightloss. If the incisors & molars grow too long, they might cut into the tongue & cause severe pain. Also take a look at the teeth & make sure there is no uneven wear. But from what you're describing, you're just shocked by their normal length.

Guinea lynx pretty much covers it all. Do not ever try to file their teeth yourself, it could cause painful damage which could prevent your pig from eating.
I think it's very important to have them checked out if you might fear that they might be too long, as HannibalLecter said, also is good to read a bit about it in guinealynx.com. But if what you want is other things your piggies can chew on to worn down their front teeth I would recommend you to get the a nice tree house in their cage, mi piggies constantly chew at theirs even though they have tons of hay available at all times, I call them carpenters cause they have made the window of the house into a second door! hahaha :D Also I give them empty toilet paper rolls, also good to worn down their front teeth and it's safe for them to eat, also apple tree wood/sticks (they love it) I think at guinealynx under diet/nutrition says what kind of forages are safe for them to eat, wood it's always good! Most important is that is clean, free of any kind of paint, chemicals or finish. Good luck :)
Its fine to give guinea pigs TOYS made out of wood, cardboard and such. But it is NOT recommended to give them these to WEAR their teeth down. ONLY the silicon in grasses weather fresh or dried into hay are the catalist for wearing down teeth. They need a GREAT high quality Timothy, orchard, bluegrass etc... Hay in huge unlimited amounts. They should be eating about 1/2-1 whole pound (16oz) of hay a day.
I wouldn't worry that they are overgrown - if they were he would be having difficulty eating and losing weight. If you're weighing regularly and he's maintaining or gaining, I wouldn't worry. Their teeth can look kind of shockingly long to us but probably aren't a problem if you aren't seeing other signs and symptoms.

Make sure he has access to grass hay all day, every day. Cardboard and (safe) wood toys are also fine and won't hurt anything, but also be sure he always has grass hay available.
Definately no weight loss on Quinc. He's a fat happy piggy and he eats, well, like a pig. I guess, I was just shock at what I saw. But, I will keep an eye on him. His home is a plastic tree stump and he chews on that a lot and he also has a three holed cardboard box when when he has floor time. So he has plenty of things to chew on.
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