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Bonding share your "special moments" stories!


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Nov 26, 2011
i've loved the recent threads that that have been focused on fun, positive stuff, so i thought i'd add one. i'm sure we all have "special moments" or times with our pigs - i'd love to hear what yours are. here's mine:
every afternoon, after work, i set up my couch. i put a waterproof pad down, then some fleece, some hay, and a cozy or fleece blanket (depending on whose turn it is). i put attached grids around half the couch, so no one falls off. then i pick a pig for couch time with mommy! :) it's very special and soothing. one pig sits next to me, munching hay, napping in their cozy, watching TV with me, while i unwind. we sit together for a few hours. sometimes we interact directly, sometimes just making cuddle noises and gazing into each other's eyes ❤️ (no - i'm not the crazy pig lady your mother warned you about! :crazy:). it's a very sweet time.
so now it's your turn! please share your special times so i don't think i really AM the crazy pig lady. . . :eek:
Everytime I come up from work, I shut the car door and open the front. I am greeted by a chorus of singing pigs. Furries and skinnies on their back legs trying to see me of course to see if I have some goodies with me.
I get a hand of full of some treats either the Oxbow non-fruity kind of some nibble rings.
Place my hand in the cage, each pig grabs one or two. Runs away and munches it in their own space. Then I give each piggie a pat on the head while they run around popcorning or sometimes plopping down so I can pet their whole body! LOL
Call me crazy but I think cage cleaning day is the best bonding day. They get extra floor time that day and love exploring the newly cleaned cage when put back. They keep looking up at me and I swear its like they are saying "Thank you". That day our girls are most active in their cage and we love it.
My specail moment would have to be with my more timid piggie Marie. I was kinds half sitting half laying on my bed and she was sitting on my shoulder. I was texting one of my friends at the time and to my surprise she layed down on my shoulder she had never done this before and I was shocked but in a good way ya know? I just looked back at her was like awwwww pet her a little and let her rest. She does lay down on me much more often now and the reason this meant so much to me is because she has always been a pretty timid piggie but she is definetly coming out of her shell more and more.
My special moment was when Amy, who tends to be a high strung, high energy piggy, actually relaxed enough to lie down on my lap one day during lap time. I also caught her lying down in her cage last night, so I think she's really starting to feel at home.

There's no one special moment with Borat, only because he's a big, lazy smoosh who always snuggles during lap time. I watch TV with him at night for a little bit before bed time, just like I used to do with Mufasa.
We fostered a small, adult male crested guinea pig that was found next to a dumpster in Chicago. His cage and water bottle, etc. were in the dumpster. He loved my son and whenever my son would touch his front foot, he'd lift it up and my son would shake his foot. Turned out, he also got along with our male. We had no choice. We had to adopt him.... and were glad we did.
With Jumble, our Aby diva, it was when I put my hand in her cage and she let me pet her, closed her eyes and started purring. The others mostly run away when I go to get them, but Jumble doesn't now. A couple of weeks ago she started standing on her hind legs and bumping my fingers with her nose if I put my hand over the pen. It amazes me that with her history of abuse and abandonment she can still learn to trust a human. I'm looking at her now and she's snoozing in the corner of her pen, snuggled in fleece with one little chicken leg sticking out. Happiness!:love:
what sweet, sweet stories! thanks for sharing! whenever i have a "bad pig day" i'll go back and read these (and more, i hope) and remember why i love these little guys!!
Mine is picking up either Sugar or Chuzzle, sitting down on the couch and after they had their little snack I hold them on my chest and they crawl up just a bit and nuzzle in my neck. They're so cuddly
I have a few bonding moments.

For me (and many others) clean fleece is a triger to happieness. Piggers popcorn, run, and it is when they are the most cuddliest. :)

Also, when I scratch luckies ear he runs away and popcorns. I am always worried he doesn't like it, but her comes back for more, and sulks when more doesn't come :)

Oh, piggies!!
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