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Fleece Sewing piggy beds for rescues....


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Jun 15, 2009
Its pretty cold outside here in Minnesota. I was sitting here thinking about taking out my sewing machine again tonight. I'm in a HUGE sewing mood and made a ton of stuff for my piggies this weekend. But I've run out of money and have cut up every blanket, sheet and bed pad I can spare.

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has/had fleece bedding that they didn't like, and/or gently used blankets, and/or any sewing supplies like thread that they could mail me so I can use to make some warm places for shelter pigs to sleep.

If you are a shelter and would like some beds feel free to let me know and I'll see what i can do. I'm not a fantastic sower but I would love to practice more and help out shelters at the same time.

I hope some people will supply you with some fleece to sew some items up! I think it's a great idea! I wish I could help, but with living in Canada, and not having any left over fleece at all, I sadly cannot. It's a lovely idea, though, and I really hope you can do this! Thanks so much for thinking this up!
Great idea @Onetwo! Thanks for thinking of the shelter piggies! Can you pm me your info?
Thank you so much for your responses. I'll PM you in a min Hhbean! I appreciate any help. I was hoping there was someone who had some extra or didn't like fleece bedding that I could use.

If anyone else is able to help just let me know...
Can I have a pattern or can you tell me how you make the beds? My husband can sew and wants to make something for them. lol
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