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Nutrition Serving size help!!


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Mar 8, 2012
Ok so we are really struggling with serving sizes for my 3 boys. We have 2 ceramic bowls that we feed them their fresh vegetables in and we fill them with lettuce, green and yellow peppers, dill and cilantro.

To be exact and this is not per pig but per each time we feed them (3 times a day) we give them a whole leaf of lettuce, 2 sprigs of cilantro, 2 sprigs of dill (which we will be decreasing to 1-2 times/wk after reviewing the Nutrition Chart), and a 1/2 inch sliver of yellow and a 1/2 inch sliver of green pepper. Is that enough food? Because the chart says 100 gram portions but we weren't sure if that was per pig per day or per pig per serving. We really have no clue. When the chart says 25 grams next to dill for instance, is that per serving per pig (25 grams x 3 x 3 = 225 grams) or just per pig per day (25 x 3 x 1 = 75 grams).

We really want to get this right because we do not want to be overfeeding them and definitely not underfeeding them. I think we might be underfeeding them just because there are 3 of them and I think we are only making enough for 2 possibly. I've read the 100 grams thing on the chart, then I read a cup of veggies a day or something on guinealynx. We just don't know. Please help.

We also give them their daily pellet requirement: 1/4 each. And of course unlimited hay. We are also adding more and more variety as we get more used to feeding them. We've had them for almost 3 weeks now. Thanks for any feedback!
Anyone have a bit of advice? What do you all do?
OK. 1 Cup vegies per pig per day, preferable divided-half in the morning, and half at night, so you're under feeding veggies. The grams listed on the chart? That is the amount needed to reach the nutrition values listed to the right. For example:43 gm of alfalfa seeds has 0.08 gm sugar, 13.91 gm calcium, etc. That amount there is not a suggestion of how much to feed of that item. It's a sortable chart, so if you are worried about too much sugar, click on the sugar column, and it will organize all food items listed in ascending or descending order of amount of sugar (If you click, and its ascending, click again, and it will appear as descending). I worry about calcium and Ca:p ratio, because my girls are prone to bladder stones. So I sort the chart by clicking on Calcium or Ca:p to find the foods lowest in calcium to prevent bladder stones.

Pellets are 1/8 cup per pig per day, as adults. These pellets should be Timothy based, and not have any seeds, dried fruit, or other colored bits. 1/4 cup per pig per day if they are under 6 months old, and these can be alfalfa based for extra nutrition for growing babies. Pellets are the least important part of their diet, and too many pellets will make them fat. Aim for KMS (Kleenmammas) pellets, or Oxbow, they are the best.

Just keep asking, it's a little confusing. If you do a search here and on Guinea Lynx, you will find some sample menus, too. Those are very helpful as well.
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