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Fighting Seperated Boars Trying To Fight Through Cages

Tranquil Sky

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Dec 3, 2011
I have 2 boars, Charlie and Rodney, both age 11 months. I've had them both since they were 6 weeks of age. I housed them in a 2x4 c&c.They were getting along great until about 2 months ago when their hormones kicked in and they fought until both bled. I seperated them, divided the cage in half with cubes to see if that would help. It was very unsuccessful. They tried to get at each other through the bars so I made another 2x4 c&c and placed it across the room. Now they are attacking the side of the cages, chewing the bars and choroplast. Any suggestions or should i look to rehome one :S?
I forgot to mention, I did reintroductions with them on neutrel grounds and a buddy bath and that was unsuccessful as well.
Oh, the hormones! Maybe in another year or so they'll calm down!

In the meantime, I'd try to enlarge their cages -- a 2x2 isn't large enough for one pig, and that will contribute to boredom and bar chewing. If you want to put the cages next to each other, you can put a piece of plexiglass along both sides of the wall that divides them -- that will keep them from chewing those bars. But sad to say, bar chewing is a habit, and once they've developed it, they may have it for the rest of their lives. I fully expect to have to deal with a broken tooth with one of mine one of these days.

Your cage size may have been a factor in their not getting along before. Boars just need more room. I know several people who have herds of boars who swear that having a cage that's at least 3x4 helps a lot -- gives them more room to avoid each other.
I currently have them in 2x4 cages each, across the room from eachother and they must smel one another in the air and both attack the bars and choroplast of their cages. they both make a high squealing noise too, as if aggitated.
Sorry, I misunderstood. When you said you divided the cage in half, I thought you wound up with two 2x2s. I just didn't read carefully enough.

Yes, a 2x4 is certainly large enough for one boar.

Have you thought about getting each of them a friend? If you could find spayed sows, that would be great. Or possibly have your two neutered and get baby females? Or have them neutered, let the hormones calm down, and then try them together again?

I don't know of any other way to keep them from arguing with each other across the room
I would try putting them back side by side. How long did you have them that way before? In my experience they usually settle down after a week or so.
When i seperated the original 2x4 into 2x2 sections, i put a piece of wood between for 2 weeks then switched to cubes in the middle for a month. They kept trying to attack through the bars still so i made another 2x4 and placed it next to the other one. I kept it that way for 3 weeks and they still fought so I moved it across the room and now I'm at this dilemma.
When you say they tried to attack through the bars, what do you mean? Chewing, biting the bars? Or throwing themselves at the divider?

Chewing at the bars would be normal. Trying to be with each other does not necessarily mean trying to attack each other.
They're chewing, biting the bars, eating the choroplast and trying to climb the bars. I've tried many introductions with them and it always ends with bites, fur missing and blood shed.
so, i know this isn't really an answer to your dilemma - i'm sorry that you're in this spot :(- but i have just recently adopted 2 males pigs, both abut 4 months old. do i have to worry about them getting along as they get older? can 2 boars live together in the long run. i should mention they're in a 2X4 C&C cage. i originally wanted to get just one, but then read they one by itself sometimes gets too lonely, so i decided to get 2 - now i wonder if i did the right thing.:eek:hmy:
It depends on the pigs. While they'll certainly squabble more as they go through adolescence, they may do just fine. Whole herds of boars can live together if they've got enough room and the pigs are peaceable enough to do it. If you've got room to add another grid length or width to the cage, that will help as they get older.
Well, perhaps you can keep them in separate cages in separate rooms. Then they won't chew on the bars all day maybe. Perhaps you can consider having them neutered and getting them female companions.
Unfortunatly due to space and financial issues, I'm unable to relocate the other cage or get another mate for each of them. We had a breakthru last night however. I reintroduced in another neutral zone and things seemed to go well. There was alot of rumblestrutting, marking, butt sniffing, mounting and nose offs, however, they were grooming each other as well. I guess they just really wanted to be with one another. After their introduction, we put them in a clean cage and they continued with the dating dance. At about 6:30am, Rodney started chirping for the first time ever. It was amazing. I have never heard it before in person. As I type now, they are still going through the dating dance, lots of chasing, squealing and mounting and the smell is quite foul but no blood shed or lunging. Hopefully it continues to go well!
Good news!

It's just critically important to give them enough space in an area that smells nothing like either one of them to even have a hope of it working. Glad it did this time for you!
The cage I put them in has been disinfected and is free of either pigs scent. Is 2x4 big enough for 2 boars? I'm a bit short on space and would prefer not to have to expand their cage.
If need be, I can conjoin their cages and make it into a 2x8 if that would be better for them.
It depends on the pigs.
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