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Coroplast Seeking ideas for what to make with leftover coroplast - toys, hideys, etc


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Jul 30, 2012
I am the adopotion coordinator for Portland Guinea Pig rescue and i have an un-weildly amount of leftover coroplast pieces from building our own cages. Just looking for some ideas for things i can make with them such as toys, cage hideys, etc. i have all manner of leftovers from thin strips to large 3 ft + pieces. I thought maybe i could make cage items that our rescue could then sell to help raise money and to use in our foster piggy cages.
I know how to make them into storage bins, so looking for some other crafty ideas, thanks. suzy
Hay feeders? "Back splashes" for the kitchen areas? Canopy over kitchen areas? Base for "bunkbeds"?

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I agree with piggygrandma. Plus hiddy houses, tunnels

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I give the bigger pieces away for people to make their own second floors etc. For the cages where my hay racks are made from a bent grid, I'll put a piece behind the hayrack to lessen the amount of hay that falls through;
I also use them on the driveway under a car if it drips oil; use them as drop-cloths when painting (although they don't absorb, so you have to be careful about tracking the paint around); as a layer between the ground and firewood so that firewood stays drier and doesn't decompose as fast; as a big drop-cloth under my son's messy parrot; etc.
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