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Coroplast Sealing corners of coroplast tray


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Jan 12, 2012
I would like to seal the corners of my coroplast tray to keep the urine from leaking out. Any suggestions on a non toxic sealant? The girls won't be in contact with the sealant. There will be newspaper, bedding and hay in the tray. I have two trays so one could dry for a couple of days before putting into their cage.
Umm...tape? lol
Umm...tape? lol

I have duct tape on the outside corners to hold the tray together. The tray is 10" x 55" and fits along the back of my 2 X 4 cage, so they can't get at the tape, but it gets wet and I will have to be replacing it a lot. The urine still leaks through the duct tape. I was thinking more along the lines of some kind of silicone sealant that will dry and have no odour.
i'm surprised to hear about urine leaking out of the coro. i've never had that problem, and i have 4 boys. maybe i'm just lucky. i wonder if it has anything to do with how much material there is to absorb the urine (towels, or other bedding). my towels and pads are pretty heavily soaked, but my coro doesn't show any signs of moisture, and surely not leaking. maybe you could try different or more absorbent stuff and see if that doesn't help with the leaking problem.
Ditto jacqueline.
You might try a hot glue gun. I find it works well with coroplast.
What bedding are you using? If your using fleece you may not be using enough layers underneth. Also, if your using fleece can you get a seperate container for them to hop in and out to eat their food? If so, you can put disposable bedding in the container and they'll go potty in there most.
I've also never heard of urine leaking out. If you use enough bedding in there, there shouldn't be any leaking.

Try a dot of glue on the corner, or add more bedding.
You can go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get silicone sealant that's safe for aquariums. No outgasing, etc, once it's dry. I'd think the seal would break if it's handled too much, tho'. I'd stick a corner shaped litter pan in the corner, see if they will pee in it.
I recommend hot glue or epoxy. Hot glue is a little more of a pain to use, as it's more liquidy by nature, but it has its advantages; for one, when cured, it's more flexible and rubbery than epoxy; it will bend to a pretty good degree before breaking. And if you ever need to undo hot glue, just pour some rubbing alcohol on it, and it will peel off in seconds, but it will never let go on its own.

Epoxy is basically a tube of two separate chemicals that don't meet until you squeeze them out of the syringe. Once they come into contact with each other, the chemical reactions between the two will cause them to form a very strong glue-like bond. It dries quicker than hot glue and is easier to use, but once it's dry, you better pray you did it right, because it is a royal pain to undo. You'd need to blast it with a heat gun to get it hot enough to chip away with a knife or screwdriver. The seal that it forms also tends to be much more solid and less flexible than hot glue. Not necessarily a bad thing, but if your cage ever flexes by a huge amount, the epoxy joint might crack and break rather than bend. I prefer gray over white epoxy, as it tends to have a little more flexibility.
My coroplast never gets wet anywhere in the cage. I use fleece pads and uhaul pads and the coroplast always stays dry. If they're going to the bathroom in one of the corners, add a corner litter box to try and encourage them to go to the bathroom in there.
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I think the silicone for aquariums sounds like a great idea. The tray I made is for a kitchen area which will end up being a very large litter box because the girls like to pee and poop wherever there is a hay pile. I was only concerned about the corners where I fold over and secure the sides because there is a little hole in each of the corners and my girls like to pee in the corners. There is no fleece in the tray. Hopefully the newspaper, bedding and hay will soak up any pee. Otherwise there should be no leakage.
What bedding are you using? If your using fleece you may not be using enough layers underneth. Also, if your using fleece can you get a seperate container for them to hop in and out to eat their food? If so, you can put disposable bedding in the container and they'll go potty in there most.

Thank you for replying. It sounds like you and I have the same idea. The tray I made is a separate container made out of coroplast. I put newspaper, disposable bedding and hay in it, hoping they will use it instead of the fleece. The back and sides are 4" high and the front is only 1" high so they don't have to jump in and out and can run around as if it wasn't there. It runs the whole length of the back of the cage. They seem to really enjoy have so much hay to play in and my fleece is staying very clean. I tried litter boxes but they took up too much room.
Delaine......the only reason that urine may be leaking out of the coroplast box is if you have scored it too deeply and have cut through both layers.QUOTE]

I was only concerned with the corners where you fold over and secure the flaps. There is a spot there that could leak and I didn't want any urine to leak out onto the fleece.
DMastershroom......great information! I use high-temperature hot glue for many projects, but didn't know about using rubbing alcohol to dissolve the glue.
It doesn't exactly dissolve the glue...it sort of causes it to let go of whatever it's attached to. At the circuit board factory where I work, we put hot glue over the top and sides of surface-mounted capacitors to keep them physically stable and ensure that they don't get knocked off the board. On the occasions where I have to do rework that involves removing those capacitors or working around them, I just pour a little isopropanol alcohol over the whole glue lump, and grab it with pliers...the whole thing just sort of peels off nicely.
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