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Scary, craziness, and why I think caged animals are my new favorite.


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Apr 27, 2012
Last night I stayed at a friend's house, It was my first time leaving George, (and my rabbit) completely alone as my mom is in the hospital visiting her aunt. I was worried, but I knew it would be fine. I doubled up on water bottles, gave tons of hay, and fed them before I left. I was still kind of worried though, just because it was the first time.

When I came home today, I realized I had been worrying about the wrong animals. My front door was WIDE open, two cats were right outside, but thankfully ran right inside. After having my friend's husband check the house, to make sure there were no robbers or anything, (he thought it looked like it was robbed but that's how I left it. Guess it's time to clean! :D) I went inside and found another cat. This still meant one was missing. After taking care of my small animals, I went outside to go look for Goat. After a little searching, thankfully I found her, and she came to me right away. I was a little worried that she would run away from me. But I think she was scared of the outdoors. All of the cats are strictly indoors which is why I was so afraid that they had gotten out.

As much as I love "free roaming" pets, cages sound awesome right now. At least in a situation like this, there is no way a guinea pig or a rabbit could make it's way outside if it's in a cage. So I really think caged animals are my new favorite.

I still have no idea how the door got open though. It's really freaky. I was the last person to leave, and I know I didn't accidentally leave it opened when I left. A friend of ours came by to pick a box up off of our porch after I left and she says it was closed. If it wasn't she would have closed it. So we have no idea what happened. :eye-poppi
That is strange. I'm glad all your kitties are okay though. I have a cat myself and I would be devastated if she got out and we didn't find her. She got into our back yard a few years ago and we got scared she was lost but luckily we found her and although she like to go outside and eat grass if we open the door we don't let her for a few reasons. We have one of those glow in the dark/reflective collars so if she does get out at night we can find her by looking for that green glowing collar which is nice being she is a dark gray cat and it will reflect off a cars lights which makes the chance of her getting hit a little slimmer.
When I was in college, my folks drove me back to school one time. It was about a 2.5 hour drive. When they got home, the front door was wide open and our dog was sitting on the front lawn, wagging her tail. They had no idea how it got opened, either. We pulled out of the driveway in clear view of the front door. All we could think of was the door didn't "catch" when it was shut. Luckily, nothing was missing and our dog was just happy to see my folks.
About three years ago my oldest cat managed to escape. She came back, but it was the worst three days of my life. I wish my cats would wear collars, so if they ever did manage to go missing people would know they aren't a stray, but my cats hate them. We've tried time after time to make them wear one, but they just take them off. Brats.

I can usually tell if a cat is a stray or someone's pet, but I'm not sure if other people know the difference, so it's pretty scary if they get out.

I really thought maybe the door didn't latch, but my mom's friend who picked up a package from my porch swears it was closed when she came. If she had seen it was open at all she would have made sure to close it because she knows that the cats can get out. Oh and people might rob our house. It's kind of funny I really couldn't care less if we get robbed as long as my animals are okay that is all that matters. :eek:
Is your door that was opened the door leading to the kitchen? A lot of times in wider open areas a small vacuum can be created from a draft or wind, and if you didn't shut the door super tight, I'll bet that the door opened on it's own. It can close on it's own by the same method, as well. That happens in my bedroom and living room a lot of times.
It goes to the laundry room.
I really didn't think a locked door could open on it's own. Weird!
It makes me feel safer to think a stranger wasn't in my house, but that's also a bit scary because if that happened it might happen again. :s
That is just to weird...hmmm
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