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Jul 16, 2004
A few minutes ago I noticed a red dot on Phoebe during floortime. It turned out to be a fresh scab. There was another little one next to it, also fresh. She let me investigate it, but after a few seconds she started biting in that area again. She hasn't got any hair loss or anything.

Is it possible that she just had an itch? Or should I look for a cause?

Her behaviour today has been weird. Not scratching or anything, but she's been incredibly noisy. In the morning she's usually really quiet after feeding. She spends most of her time sleeping till about noon. But today she spend at least an hour wandering around making noise. They're the kind of noises she makes when she knows it's close to veggie time (not wheeking, but little squeaks). Because of that, I thought she wanted attention. So I took her out & sat her down on my lap. Usually she dozes off, but today she just couldn't get comfortable. She kept turning around, & generally looked quite agitated. So I put her back in her cage...& then she continued to squeak. Eventually she calmed down & went into her pigloo to rest.

I'm wondering if these two things could be related? I thought her behaviour could be caused by hormones? She's calmed down since then, but then I noticed the scabs...
do you have another piggie with her. I know that it happened to my Gizmo and I found out that he got bit and it costed my hundred bucks for a 5 min visit and meds.
Sounds like she has mites, make a vet appointment asap. Discomfort and scabs are a sign of mites, and itching.
There isn't another pig in there with her, i'm afraid.

If they're mites, where would they come from then? I've had her for about three months now. She's been to the vet before (when I first got her) & she didn't have any then. Could they come from hay?

This evening was absolutely fine. She stretched out on my lap & fell asleep like usual. *confused*
I just took her out & she started biting that spot again. I switched her hay about three weeks ago. She likes it more than the kind I used to give since it's more fresh. Guess I'll be chucking that.

So, tomorrow I'm taking her to the vet. If it's mites, what meds should I be getting her (keeping in mind that I don't live in the States) & what can I do to get the cage as clean as possible? I'd like to deal with this as quick & efficiently as possible because I've got a major load of exams starting next week.

My parents looked at me like I was crazy when I told them I wanted to take her to the vet. They think it's (my) money wasted. :mad:

I'm not in a good mood. *sigh*
I hear ya. Its called Ivermecin or something. good luck tomorrow to the vets and let us know how she is.
Mites are actually caused by stress in the guinea pig. did you recently move her into a new cage, get her a buddy, or move her cage around?
Ivermectin or Ivomec. They are both good for treating mites. But don't let the vet do a skin scrape because it is unnecessary and doesn't usually show anything anyways. If the vet suspects mites he can give her a treatment but she will need 3 treatments total about 7-10 days apart. It could also be some sort of fungal infection as well.

You can read about mites, lice, fungus, etc on this page
Well, i'm leaving in a min.

She hasn't had any stress lately, in fact she's been very relaxed mostly. I haven't moved anything around. I've been home basically 24/7 the past weeks studying & we've pretty much fallen into a very regular routine. The only thing that's changed is her hay.
you usually only need two shots of ivermectin
She's been treated for mites. He didn't take a skin sample, but because she had scabs around her ear he took some ear wax. No mites found though. He put some drops on the back of her neck & I have to come back in a month if she's still itchy.

So I guess I'll be cleaning everything out now. Will it be ok if I just use vinegar/water to clean? Or do I need something stronger?
No, vinegar and water should do the job
i used bleach like a tablespoon or so in half a gallon of water
you usually only need two shots of ivermectin

Three minimum. One week apart.

What did your vet use to treat for mites? Unless it was revolution, your pig has NOT been treated for mites. The drop behind the ear thing and coming back in a month sounds like Advantage to me, which does nothing for mites. That's just for lice--which are easily visible.
I think it was the Belgian equivalent to Revolution. The drops were put behind her head, not her ear. My vet said that it worked against mites & fleas. I only have to go back in a month if she still remains itchy.
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