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Adopting Say Hi to The New Guy!


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Nov 29, 2011
[GuineaPigCages.com] Say Hi to The New Guy![GuineaPigCages.com] Say Hi to The New Guy!

This is Rodney. He is maybe 2.5 months at most. I rescued him today after seeing a 'free' ad on craigslist and snatched him up and made sure he didn't end up as a snake's dinner.
He was literally living in a dog crate with pine shavings and no water bottle, and his food was the equivalent of fruit loops. It's 'Wild Harvest' by Walmart. :/ No veggies were offered and there was clearly no real care going on. They thought Rodney was a girl, too.

Well, anyway...as you can tell, Rodney was a present to a 6 year old. And luckily, I got down there ASAP. He's pretty healthy on first sight, but underweight due to poor diet. Hopefully the Wild Harvest crap hasn't spoiled him for plain pellets. All I could grab was some Oxbow at the last minute. And OUCH! It's gone up to $15 for a 5lb bag here...yikes.

Rodney clearly thinks he is in heaven here. He bonded to me instantly and loves when I sit by his cage. I might have to add height to the cage, just in case! He looks out of it like "OH GOD! There's a world outside of a cage!". :)

I am so overjoyed that I saved him from being a snake's dinner. I'm sure Gigabyte would be proud. I plan on getting him to the vet next week when they open. I can't wait to see my vet's face when he sees that I got another pig. :D She's gonna go "Here we go again!".

So, since I don't know his age - does anyone think I should be feeding alfalfa right now? He's a little underweight. I heard you can get something called 'sweet feed' at a feed store to make them gain a bit of weight. Otherwise, he isn't wheeking but he is clear of any discharge, cough, sores, and any signs of distress.

Maybe he's just over excited!

Anyone got ideas to offer veggies to Rodney? It's obvious that he's never been given them. :/
mine enjoy romaine peppers cilantro and parsley the most :) Congrats on your new baby :)
I tried peppers and he turned up his nose at em. He loves hay so far. I offered a cherry tomato and shredded a tiny baby carrot for him. He's just so happy to be in his furever home. :)
What a little cutie! He reminds me so much of my Roger! bpatters helped me out when I brought home Sheldon who is over 3 years old and never ate a veggi(except carrots). The trick is to chop(or grate) the new veggie and mix it with something he already eats. It may take awhile before he eats it by it's self and there may be some that he will never eat. Also, try one veggie at a time and give it a few weeks before moving on to something else. He may eat stuff like green leaf lettuce without having to chop that up. Happy to say Sheldon is a real piggy when it comes to his veggies now:cheerful:, thanks @bpatters !
I don't have advice, but he's gorgeous. Phew, so glad you could rescue him!
Awww, thanks Hhbean. I am sure this little guy will be so happy to get some yummy lettuce in his belly and some love and care. He's been popcorning and looking out of his cage like it's too good to be true!
The best things in life are free, since he was.
:) Me and my boyfriend feel our hearts are a little healed just to have this little baby boy. I'll stop by the grocery store tomorrow to pick up some plain green leaf lettuce or romaine before I go nuts on mixed salads and spinach and whatnot. This little guy is pretty hungry and thirsty. He had no food or water. I don't know how he's alive!
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