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Connectors Saucers


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Feb 16, 2016
I was at Pet Smart the other day buying more hay and pellets for my piggies when I noticed a large saucer in the Guinea Pig cage. Are saucers okay for Guinea Pigs? Or would they break my Piggies back?

P.S. didn't really think any of the prefixes fit this so I just put "conectors"
I don't think they're a good idea. Guinea pigs are too clumsy for something like that.
OK thanks but I want to know if they will break their backs
Yes, they could. But they probably wouldn't even get on it.
Too bad Pet Smart dosent know that
Their website says they're for gerbils, small hamsters, and mice. Those animals do use wheels.
Yeah I probably wouldn't have gotten one for my Piggies it's just that I wanted to know if this was another case of Pet Smart mistreating their animals.
A saucer isn't necessary for a guinea pig because they do all their exercising by running laps in their cage.

Even if you wanted one it doesn't sound like a good idea. They could possibly trip over themselves or fly off of it. That's if they decide to use it.
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