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Safe to sprinkle baking soda in paper bedding?


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Mar 11, 2012
I use the Carefresh paper bedding material. Is it really safe to sprinkle baking soda in it? Will my pigs inhale or eat it? Cosmo has large and plentiful poops. I clean every other day with a touch up on the middle day. Is baking soda safe? Anyone who uses it? Please let me know how they reacted. Cosmo is a happy, healthy, normal weight pig. He's just a stinky boy. He eats Oxbow pellets and Oxbow timothy hay, with occasional treats like green bean or Green pepper. I am new to this forum. Glad to be here!
Why do you want to sprinkle baking soda in it? The pigs will get it on their feet and then lick it off. If it smells, it's time to change it.
I use baking soda to maintain the smell. I make sure I place it on the bottom of a clean cage before putting the newspaper over it then the bedding over it. Just don't sprinkle baking soda on top of the bedding and make sure to keep spot cleaning every few days. That's what works for me. :)
I wouldn't use baking soda anywhere in my cage. I have seen what it begins to look like when it gets in contact with icky stuff. I imagine it would be very hard to clean, too.

I would only use it when I clean their fleece. I would put it on the fleece when I put it in the washing machine.
How big is your cage? Smaller cages need to be cleaned more often.
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