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Chewing Safe HARD chew toys...


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Dec 14, 2019
Princess Abby is a big time chewer. She eats her hay for a while but it’s obviously not enough to help her with her teeth. She’s always going for hard things, pigloo, cage wires. We have a oxbow Timothy hay tunnel she chews for a while but she wants harder things. My husband bought her a Kaytee hard Timothy chew a bowl, witch I’m sure is not great for her but she LOVES it. (Probably has sugar I’d think. :rolleyes:) So I let her have it for a bit but don’t leave it with her so she doesn’t ingest too much at a time. But it’s finally something hard enough to cut down cage wire chewing. So I need other hard chews for her that are safer. There are really not many out there that are safe and HARD. Believe me I’ve searched the internet like crazy. Edible is obviously a big plus. Ideas?
Not sure if it's hard enough for what you are looking for, but have you thought of the timothy cubes?
apple/pear tree branches from an untreated tree.

Personally my guinea pigs have never been fond of chews and have never had teeth issues with just hay alone keeping their teeth ground down, so I wouldn't be worried about her teeth overgrowing. Having said that even though her teeth overgrowing should not be an issue if she is chewing on inappropriate things she could break a tooth so it is still a good idea to find something to redirect her desire to chew onto.
I googled the chew bowl, and it looks like it's ok as long as she's supervised and doesn't eat too much of it at once. I'd just never leave it in her cage for long periods of time :)

Friar Tuck used to chew on his plastic hidey a lot. We got him some wood block chews, and now he chews on them instead! He loves to nibble them and roll/ toss them around. Pet stores sell all sorts of fruit flavored colored wood toys. You can get parrot toys and take the woodblocks off of them, too. Robin Hood also likes them a lot. They're not edible but might still be worth a try!

Most piggies chew bars when they want something or are bored. Sometimes mine do it, and will stop if I pet them a bit and stir up their hay or give them a little more. My piggies also play with seagrass, wicker, and water hyacinth balls, and I often take rope/strands off them and weave them through the bars. And I hung small parakeet sized popsicle stick bird toys on the bars in the two places they chew the most--- now they almost always chew on them instead :D Just always check for plastic pieces or anything they could hurt their mouth on with a bird toy before you buy it.

Mine love apple, willow, or tea stick chews as well... they're very hard and totally edible! Pet stores sell them in all different sizes in little bundles.
If you have an apple tree that isn't sprayed, you can cut some twigs and branches from it. I do this for Lacey from time to time, and I scrub the branches with a vegetable brush before giving them to her. She isn't big on chewing, but likes to strip some of the bark off.
Thank you everyone for the great ideas. I never thought of it like this but I’m thinking she chews her cage to get my attention, i come over every time to get her to stop. She has me trained I guess. lol Sneaky little booger!:p I think I will try though the natural apple flavored woods. Only thing is I’ve read about them causing splinters to stick in GI tract? Though I guess anything could really. I think I’ll try it. I do worry about her teeth. Do you think they are too long and that is why she’s always chewing? How can you even tell if they are too long. How long are they supposed to be? Boy the things we piggy parents have to worry about lol
I think all my pigs have chewed on things like the entrance to pigloos and their hard plastic stool as a way of marking territory. Guinea pigs have scent glands inside their cheeks. I've never really worried about it too much as long as they're not pulling off chunks of it and eating it. Their teeth are tougher than the plastic, so I don't think they'll hurt their teeth on it.

The only time I've ever had problems with extended cage bar-chewing was recently when I had my boys separated temporarily while Casper was recovering from surgery. I split up the cage with a wire grid divider and both of them decided they wanted to chew in one corner of it. Not sure if that was territorial as well, or because they were mad that their space had been cut in half.

Just a thought, but could your piggie have started chewing the cage bars because she doesn't have enough space? You're certainly right that if they learn they get attention from doing it, they'll keep doing it! If she continues chewing the cage bars, you could try a sheet of plexiglass to block off her access to the cage bars. That way at least she can't hurt her teeth by chewing on metal.
I second Small Pet Select - they have the best chew stuff!!
We use All living Things willow balls and sticks
Thanks everyone for the ideas! :love:

We found some things from oxbow, and a few other things. About the wood. Is a willow branch ball safe to eat? It’s says it is safe to chew, but I mean Abby chews and swallows it like hay, only not as much of course. She is such a chewer. And a digger! She’s more like my hammies were than a piggy lol

Let me know what you think on the willow branch ball.
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