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Rehoming sadness...


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Mar 20, 2012
So i think i have come to the decision that for the health and well being of my girls, i need to find them a new home... they are amazing girls but i guess i am just not meant to have guinea pigs... i hate the thought of parting with them but I am planning on moving into an apartment and they dont allow any pets besides fish... this is gonna be hard on me seeing as I have so much love for pets and feel guilty for doing this to them... anyone know how i should go about this tough decision? i want the best for them.
Once I had to choose between beautiful apartment, or my cat. Guess what was my choice ?
If you realy love them, keep them.
Did you talk to them about your guinea pigs? If they allow fish tanks they might let you have your guinea pigs. Fish tanks can be messy and there is a risk for water damage, so a small animal in a "small cage" shouldn't be much of a problem for them. When I was looking for apartments, most were more apt to disallow fish than cats or dogs.
My apartment doesn't make me pay a pet fee or anything because they "live in a cage".
Once I had to choose between beautiful apartment, or my cat. Guess what was my choice ?
If you realy love them, keep them.
i dont have a choice... i cant keep them... i have to move out of my current home and the apartment we found that we can afford allows no pets plus its tiny and no room for a cage :(
How many pigs do you have? I can't imagine an apartment that can't fit a 2x4 C&C.

Some landlords might be willing to let certain rules slide.
I still recommend talking to them face to face about it. If they see how sad you are and believe it's allow the guins or lose your business, they may choose to let you have them.
A "No Pets" rule, usually doesnt apply to caged animals. It's really about animals that could be noisy or make messes or damage furniture. It can't hurt to at least ask about it.
well,we just moved into and apt. that only allows cats and dogs, well,strawberry is in her c&c cage right now,enjoying the new apt. we have a small dog. a cat can do more damage than a gp! !!!
I would take them,how are they going to know!! take the until they ask you to remove them!!
I agree that no pets usually means those that are loose and can damage the walls, floors, etc. I'd show photos of your cage and I'll bet they'll okay it. I keep my guinea pigs in my dining room. There's always a corner or space between furniture where a cage can fit.
Once I had to choose between beautiful apartment, or my cat. Guess what was my choice ? If you realy love them, keep them.

I agree. However, if all else fails, list them here-I'm going to be fostering 2 boys for a few months for someone from NY that posted on here. The other option is to find a rescue or no-kill shelter.
It never hurts to ask. The worst they can say is no. When I moved into my first apartment, it was "no pets" and that was clearly stated in the lease. I really wanted a cat and talked to my landlord about it, and he agreed as long as I put up a pet deposit. I'd never have known, and never would have adopted my wonderful cats Muse and Vinnie, had I not asked.
The worst they can say is, NO

Like my dad says, if you don't ask, you don't get
Why not keep looking for an apartment that takes animals. There are usually quite a few of those and affordable too. Every time I have looked for an apartment I have two requirements, my animals come and the rent has to be within budget. I have had 5 apartments since I left my parents home. Every time my rabbits or guinea pigs and dog have come with me. If the apartment didn't accept my animals I simply kept looking.

Try looking with an apartment locator. They know the area and the apartment complexes so will be better able to steer you in the direction of an apartment that is OK with guinea pigs.
Thanks guys :) i love that you all are so wlling to give me the best advice possible and a pep talk and I just called the landlord and he simply said no... the problem being just taking them and not telling him is there simply isnt enough room. its a loft style apartment and my aunt helped me find the aprtment and shes a realtor and knew the guy... it all a big mess but the best option here is to find my babies a new home... ill also be starting a new job which involves traveling for a couple days at a time and I feel like this is the best decision for me and them. I wont be able to provide them the love and attention that I do now. :( this breaks my heart but they will ONLY go to a guinea pig loving home... thank you everyone for your support
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