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Popcorning Saddest thing ever.


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Mar 4, 2012
Having a pregnant piggie so happy and content she tries to popcorn but fails because she's so big.

She wanted to! She really did! She tried, then she looked at me all sad. Like "Hey you made me happy with these fresh dandelion greens you picked for me! and I wanted to show you but I couldn't..."

*note Chemicals of any kind are prohibited from being used around here on lawns due to the amount of sand-point wells in the area..that means the water table is very shallow so no herbicides or pesticides are allowed outdoors, so my lawn is safe*
Ahh! Poor Miss Piggy, but she'll be able to popcorn again, right? When is she due?
She'll be popping either the end of April or beginning of May there abouts...
Aw that is just adorable, but sad! Poor little piggy :)
So exciting that's she's almost ready to pop, only a few weeks left to go. Hope she's okay and you have a healthy little piggy mum and piggy babies :)
I hope so too. There is a rescue near by that is willing to take them if they are boys. We have room for one more girl at least. So we'll be keeping one if she has a girl. If not, we have to give them to a rescue due to the fact we don't have the physical space for another cage.
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